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Comment Re:Why do you hate America? (Score 1) 1173 1173

Of course everyone in the neighbourhood knows whose drone it is. Just like they knew the guy had a shotgun and shorter trigger. This was all a setup by the antigun prodrone lobby to make a

Meh. Point of seconds to minutes is police would prioritise, so if seconds are minutes then minutes are hours? Can you now prove conclusively that that was the drone that was in the area "Zoom, Enhance. Uncrop. Aha! The serial number!" ? Is "oh yeah, he owns a drone" enough to convict? What if more than one person has a drone in that city! Or maybe was a passerby, a serial droner. Any proof after the drone is all nicely stashed away? "Going by engine temp, this drone was used in the last 10 hours Jethro. I'm afraid it appears our perp is a peep".

More than enough real crimes out there, this seems to have pretty much self-resolved. Police involvement seems silly, and showing up to reclaim the drone smacks of "Officer! This is the thief that stole my cocaine".

Naturally the guy overreacted though, it's not like anyone has ever been hurt or killed by a drone. We should all let them fly overhead without concern.

Comment Re:WoW? (Score 1) 277 277

You missed a step in your exaggeration. By his logic, everyone has had alcohol or heard of it. I mean it only appeared in movies, had its own series, was on clothing, backpacks, lunchboxes, was international (though only huge in the west)...

It's okay to be wrong, just not to stay wrong. You can stop trying now.

Comment Re:Photo? (Score 1) 186 186

A tour company that wants to limit distribution to only through facebook? By all means.

Posting it on slashdot, especially with other sources of photos of probably equal quality? Pure bait.

Facebook isn't free either. It's as free as the AOL disk the data is written on, though I'll grant you postage. I'll counter with data costs though, for the spam mail. [Aside: my email is already flooded with facebook crap. Doesn't seem a month goes by without someone signing up using one of my accounts.]

Comment Re:Photo? (Score 1) 186 186

Sure there is, email him for the file, remember to reply for confirmation, fill out all your personal data, and he can mail you a floppy with it. Just requires giving up personal data and a few more hoops than say, a publicly viewable website that doesn't require making an account.

Comment Re:Questionable numbers (Score 1) 224 224

If by 'years' you mean in the less than two, then I can buy that. If you mean three, then no as was on it then and daytime/eve+torrent = nosedive in all speeds.

Rest still stands though, and as more alternatives show up, people can and are jumping ship (actually got a mail from a new isp in the area the other week: better offer than Bell, but inferior to the ISP jumped to already).

Comment Re:Questionable numbers (Score 1, Interesting) 224 224

Bell also has fun throttling of torrents, and pathetic monthly bandwidth caps. Could be that the people who'd pirate have changed to other ISPs, ones that aren't as irksome in their offering.

To use an example: simply by changing from Bell's DSL to another ISP's DSL, I quintupled my overall speed, removed a 50G monthly quota (which was actually paid extra over the original quota), increased reliability, am no longer throttled during peak hours, and pay 15$ a month less.

Comment Re:The Perfect Bait (Score 1) 1097 1097

Which Mary? Because if you mean Mag then yes. If it's just sodomy in general, seen Romans raping him while on the cross. If you meant incest type, no, since honestly can't say before your post I've ever actually looked at this.
If you're wanting to claim though that Christianity's significant figures aren't subject to ridicule and mockery and degradation, well, you're wrong.

Welcome to the internet, Rule 34 is always enforced. Rule 63, optional.

Comment Re: Prefer support (Score 2) 286 286

The logic is that polynesia isn't a monolithic entity, and different groups colonised hawaii; an initial group in around 1800 years ago, another took over a millenia later. Whether this was a cultural influence or an actual invasion is disputed, but the idea is "if we restore Hawaii to the initial people, it'd go to the Marquesas and not the Tahitian polynesians".

Or the midgets . I favour them personally.

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