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Comment: Re:Let them drink! (Score 1) 532

by aevan (#47329949) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks
As much as I really really really hate the does also come in the flavour of "think of the children"

I give no damn about some lazy ass who wants to bloat their waistline while rotting their teeth out... but watching bratlings drinking soda containers larger than their head, then later yelled at for being hyper..and then even later yelled at for being moody when they crash out...rinse repeat...

Though banning 44 oz just would mean they'd buy 22oz twice... idiots can be nothing if not determined.

Comment: Re:Morality is largely due to upbringing (Score 1) 212

by aevan (#47094895) Attached to: Games That Make Players Act Like Psychopaths
Doesn't that prove the point then? The argument (well the point raised a few levels up) was that lacking empathy (i.e. being born without) was a trait, and so a psychopath could not be skilled in empathy. Having an off-switch for said implies you still have it, only choosing when to have it active, which could allow for them to be skilled in empathy.

Comment: Re:Morality is largely due to upbringing (Score 2) 212

by aevan (#47093861) Attached to: Games That Make Players Act Like Psychopaths
Not following that.

Premise: Do unto others before they do unto you
You acknowledge an action you wouldn't like done to you..but you aren't doing it to you, you're doing it to them, and since they aren't material to effects on you, you don't care. You can be aware a gunshot hurts and still shoot someone. Empathy isn't a barrier to cruelty. I'd imagine sadism would require decent amounts of empathy to actually enjoy it (emotional sadism more so than physical).

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by aevan (#47087693) Attached to: Should We Eat Invasive Species?
It's a Cantonese saying "Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies, with its back to heaven is edible.", used in South China. It backdates to the 1800s. It's been referenced in some cookbooks (e.g. "The Chinese Kitchen" by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo), and is known/used by some Chinese, and not others.

Cue supposition based on some searching: the area traded heavily with the West during that time. Take the exotic delicacies and dishes concocted by chefs, add in a language/culture barrier,good old prejudice, and the loss of context in repetition...I can easily imagine it's a Western generalisation/mild slur that got repeated and adopted and over time became adopted as a regional motto of sorts (i.e. isn't 'known' in the Mandarin areas, just the Cantonese south).

Could be waaay off though.

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by aevan (#47019895) Attached to: The Physics of Hot Pockets
*amused* they weren't left unattended. "The only problem is that the amount of time between "done" and "everything smells like smoke" is a very short amount of time" was pretty much it. The space of a few seconds it seemed to jump from 'half the bag isn't popped' to 'half the bag is briquettes', so power reductions were played with.

Personally prefer using the airpopper, but when you're just whipping up a last minute snag for the bratlings, nuked works.

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by aevan (#47015559) Attached to: The Physics of Hot Pockets
My place reeked for a week as I went through a few dozen backs of microwave popcorn, trying to find the balance of power and time that didn't leave either a bag of charcoal, or a bag of kernals. We don't even pretend that popcorn button on it is anything more than a cruel joke. [Ended up being 60% for 1m50].

Oven instruction? Sure. Stove-top instructions? Maybe. Microwave instructions? Put in the same category as "may have been in the same building as a peanut" disclaimers: there on the off chance that it might be important to that one in a hundred people it applies to. Every one else use (learn?) your own discretion.

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