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Comment: Re:Good luck in Canada (Score 1) 115

Sundays? Even Saturday was a crapshot..opening at lunch for a few hours. And weekdays? Good luck if you get off work at 1700h, 'cuz they might as well rolled up the streets while they were at it...things were closed. Go find a 7-11 or something if you need groceries. Not that you had money because, you know, 'banking hours'.

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Been to a dozen countries, and I'll agree that outlook and behaviour is different. Amusingly,most had common shows. More amusing, the one with the MOST violent shows at the time (Japan) was the least violent socially. Culture impacts children heavily, and while entertainment is part of culture, it's not the entirety of culture, and being cognizent that entertainment is simply entertainment, diminishes that impact.

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by aevan (#48330333) Attached to: Bounties vs. Extreme Internet Harassment
If you want fun, read the long Talk page on that wiki article. It's popcorn worthy the antics of the actors. Even Whales chimes in and gets told to back off by the vested interests in presenting a NNPOV while claiming it's a NPOV, while trying to get the other sides banned as wither single-purpose-accounts, zombies, sockpuppets or simply behaving poorly. If were ever an article to display the ugly politics behind the supposedly 'noble' wikipedia, this would be it.

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by aevan (#48234293) Attached to: Jedi-ism Becomes a Serious Religion
It's only starting out. Wait until they come to your house and kidnap your children to help them 'realise their potential'.

Then the next thing you know they are assassinating political leaders in their chambers all because one of the neophytes 'had an uneasy feeling'.

As on of their prophets said: 'Not afraid? You will be. You *will* be'

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by aevan (#48167123) Attached to: Warner Brothers Announces 10 New DC Comics Movies
This. So very much this.

Formula is formula because it's proven to work. If audiences truly were wanting something different, they'd be in the indie festivals, at the small off-beat theaters, or happily watching things with subtitles and so forth. Instead (it seems) they just want fast hard simple plots with lots of explosions and beautiful people. Or infantile fart jokes. Hollywood just sees 'everyone is wanting Super Heroes, we'll make Variation #245 on SuperHero Plotmachine'. "This year is fairy tales. What can we remake/reimage next?'

I just get annoyed when they remake a movie or such that isn't even 5 years old.

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Depending on your definition of original. Frozen has strong elements from The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. I wouldn't go as far as some and claim it's a ripoff, but the inspiration is clearly there (it robbed me of a lot of outrage, I had been planning to lambast them for another 'theft we will claim is original then copyright for eternity'... but was pleasantly surprised).

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I'm saying that in some cultures that had food issues, and may still have food issues, that which can be used and consumed will be used and consumed. Wasn't that how why got dogs in the first place? Protection, hunting, work, and in a pinch, rations. It's only when you suddenly have abundance that you can start being subjectively selective. When you then start trumping up artificial boundary conditions on what is acceptable and not, you have absolutely no place to admonish those whose culture didn't suddenly decide that it's not ethically edible but instead selected other things as their 'sacred cow'. Especially when those convictions are ONLY because you can afford not to, and will be sacrificed the moment it's not convenient.

Don't often hear about sea kittens at a coastal city, or farming's more young urbanites for whom the only exposure to an animal is the family pet, and their 'hunting gathering' is limited to supermarket sales.

Buuut if you want to believe we can turn all of the poorer parts of asian, south american, africa, and even our own less affluent areas into pill-supplement-popping balanced vegan all means continue to think that. Personally I see no real difference in eating horse, cow, pig, whale, dog or rabbit (that said, I don't eat any of the previous). Now if you want to argue ethics in raising said creatures, methods to kill, etc...then yes, I'll say we have room for improvement there (vastly in some cases).

As for the biology lesson, I'd imagine we'd have evolved a different dental structure, a different digestive system (one more optimised) and wouldn't have to actually plan out our diet so exotically if we were meant to be plant-only. No other animal that I'm aware of would need a laundry list of things to stay healthy on a vegan diet. Herbivores could continually graze on local flora, carnivores opportunistically hunt local fauna. Guess that leaves omnivores for us...

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