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Next SciFi movie special: Having a crisis of morality, a technician at a biological research facility attempts to destroy the last samples of a virulent strain. Improperly doing so, an ancient plague is revisited upon the world. Can a small town sheriff, his plucky daughter, and the random love interest survive this new apocalyptic world?

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by aevan (#47470183) Attached to: ChickTech Brings Hundreds of Young Women To Open Source
I've seen studies go either way. I've seen claims that women CAUSE more accidents (random braking etc) that they themselves don't get INTO the accident, but effect the people they had cut off etc (claims by traffic cops). I've watch women apply makeup while making lane-changes on 6-lane highways, or declare they waited long enough to cross a highway "they'll just have to stop". Personally come across as many accidents caused by hesitation as by aggression.

tl;dr: Both genders have their share of incompetent morons.

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by aevan (#47454595) Attached to: Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours
I'm aware that they'd have to, which was why my question is if the government was fine with this scenario. Companies like Boeing do have presences in other countries, and I doubt the United States would appreciate Boeing complying with giving potentially sensitive information over, just because it is court-ordered in a country they do business in. Yet now, morally, they have no leg to stand on (not that they'd care in the first place).

I'm more thinking of how companies will have to twist with this, how it would effect international corporations and trade, and primarily how international agreements are pretty much a trading of concessions: belligerence like this pretty much sets it back.

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by aevan (#47329949) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks
As much as I really really really hate the does also come in the flavour of "think of the children"

I give no damn about some lazy ass who wants to bloat their waistline while rotting their teeth out... but watching bratlings drinking soda containers larger than their head, then later yelled at for being hyper..and then even later yelled at for being moody when they crash out...rinse repeat...

Though banning 44 oz just would mean they'd buy 22oz twice... idiots can be nothing if not determined.

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