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Comment Re:Elementary school (Score 2, Insightful) 320

Seriously. We were watching it in my eighth grade class, and the debris was still falling when the first wisecrack "...they let the woman drive" got mentioned. By the end of the day the NASA one and "Why did the vending machine serve only coke? They couldn't get seven up" were made.

Later, found the same jokes/variants were made at other schools. The take-away I got from that event was that jokes (and ideas) can have multiple independent sources, so claiming 'ownership' seemed silly. Somewhat think that was the most important thing I learned at school that year.

Comment Re:Think? (Score 1) 521

As long as you and whomever else watches HD TV want to watch the same show, sure. It breaks down when the wife is watching house renovations, the husband is watching some old war movie, and the kid is watching minecraft videos while also playing it. As people turn from watching cable/sat tv to watching streamed programs, I'm seeing this become more common.

Comment Re:Here we go. (Score 1) 432

Not all (few?) trans are SJW, but the seeming majority of SJW compete in an 'Oppression Olympics' where the more 'oppressed groups' they can self-identify (intersectionality, ho!) they can gain more 'oppression points' and thus a higher place in the hierarchy: 'I am more oppressed than you, so my view is more valid'.

Thus was born the 'non-binary gender-fluid, pansexual transracial somethingsomething and a toaster too', fresh off of tumblr.

If you look at them and meet/don't meet their eyes, it was literally rape. And please, never ever ask if they want to have a coffee. That's worse than ISIS.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1) 529

Mandatory Palestine. What became Isreal. When the jews acted just like the arabs of today. No hands over there are clean, it's just Isreal is pretending they are the sole victim instead of just aggressor #854 in that cursed plot of dirt. If you even want an easy specific, AOL Keywords: David Hotel Bombing


Comment Re:That's a first (Score 1) 350

It does happen. Not going to bother with linking but....

In Maryland some lady was hit with 2 miles under speed limit, for hogging the left lane. Her excuse that there were 40mph winds that day making for hazardous conditions was denied.

In North (South?) Carolina a stop was ruled valid because 'The speed limit was 60, everyone was doing 75, so the trooper was right in pulling you over for doing 55'. This was an attempt at an appeal on the basis of unlawful stopping pursuant to a possession charge.

In Ontario a man was dinged for doing 17 kmph over the speed limit: 'you are breaking the law if you do even one kilometer over the speed limit' said the judge. He protested a month later by doing the exact speed limit, causing a 4km long traffic jam. He was hit with obstructing traffic and had his license suspended. Of note: he had a 'partner' that was nailed with the same fine, who was driving in tandem in the adjacent lane.

Ontario has a section of it's Highway Traffic Act (132) that states basically 'don't slow or block traffic unless there is a damn good reason' - 110$ fine and 2 demerits.

Lastly, someone in Australia was nailed by photo radar for 'allegedly doing the speed limit in a speed limit zone'. That one I'm pretty sure was dismissed as a stupid glitch.

Basically people do get nailed for driving too slow, but it's generally because they are interfering with traffic, or in a few cases, are a safety concern (i.e. it's more that the vehicle is unfit for the highway/severe grade).

Comment Re:Or perhaps... (Score 4, Insightful) 618

Beyond faking screenshots (editing the shot, editing the page), maybe not a 3-minutes-storm of multiple tweets with perfect punctuation and grammar by an account with no other posts, that were some how 'caught' within 12 seconds of its final message while not logged in to twitter? Cue Patreon link

I'd also accept threat notifications submitted to the FBI and deemed credible, as opposed to submitted to twitter and deemed fund-able.

If words were that worrisome, pretty sure most of us would be dead by that Navy Seal that likes to post.

Comment Re:Well if its anything like the US... (Score 5, Insightful) 220

And what you said is "'Opinions must be politically correct or we will arrest you' is a good thing. Go Oceania!"

Churches should be allowed to be homophobic - and should also be toothless in matters of law and called out on their views. Idiocy and being wrong hasn't been outlawed - just pity the bigots and only raise your ire if they act on their views. [That said they can have their little homophobe club and exclude girls too for all I care - bygone relic of a superstitious age :P ]

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