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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 3, Funny) 194

Check your privilege terranlord. Your humansplaining is hurtful to those that identify as other-celestial or planet-fluid.

More seriously, thank for the info. Was curious about the term, but not enough to rtfa - everyone knows a Mun base isn't helpful. Now Minmus...

Comment Re:Translated (Score 1) 451

I'll give you an example for the seatbelt one: was on a highway-speed road, when the person on a road to the left ran the stop sign, and smashed in the my driver side. Instead of kissing the passenger seat from the hit, I was kept in the seat behind the wheel long enough to notice an idiot on a RIGHT side road (was a little offset) decide if the other side was crossing it must be safe...and race out. Because was still 'driving', managed to minimise THAT impact somewhat.

Comment Re:How is this news for nerds (Score 1) 320

They were refugees when they fled the country to a safe one. Once they then started trading up the country they were in, they stopped being refugees and turned into opportunists. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing that requires the world to bend over to accommodate them.

Comment Re:How is this news for nerds (Score 1) 320

They also don't buy 300 euro a ticket tickets for themselves and their family to queue jump. Or hurl water/food off into ditches when provided, because the train to a 'better safe country' isn't provided. Or when they arrive, post selfies of waving huge bank notes from their monthly stipend.

Comment Re:Argh! (Score 1) 294

Pale Moon refuses to use the Australis UI (Chrome-esque). (Why the UI)

As for better, what's the metric? I had a bunch of FF addons that were no longer compatible back when they changed to making their version numbers race Chrome's, so no idea what GP is talking about there. Personally prefer the old style to navigate. Plus, my current 200 tabs open (yeah yeah, I'm bad) has a larger footprint in FF than when in PM (have a few browsers on this computer). YMMV.

Comment By George He's Got It (Score 1) 207

This is why companies of Tale of Tales are the new wave. No one wants boring games like DotA or stupid fighting games like LoL. They want walking simulators of visceral glory, of characters of depth and poignancy with their own agency. Fun is irrelevant, it's about the social and artistic experience. This is the tomorrow today!

...what do you mean the company failed harder than Crystal Pepsi?

Comment Re:Why do you hate America? (Score 1) 1197

Of course everyone in the neighbourhood knows whose drone it is. Just like they knew the guy had a shotgun and shorter trigger. This was all a setup by the antigun prodrone lobby to make a

Meh. Point of seconds to minutes is police would prioritise, so if seconds are minutes then minutes are hours? Can you now prove conclusively that that was the drone that was in the area "Zoom, Enhance. Uncrop. Aha! The serial number!" ? Is "oh yeah, he owns a drone" enough to convict? What if more than one person has a drone in that city! Or maybe was a passerby, a serial droner. Any proof after the drone is all nicely stashed away? "Going by engine temp, this drone was used in the last 10 hours Jethro. I'm afraid it appears our perp is a peep".

More than enough real crimes out there, this seems to have pretty much self-resolved. Police involvement seems silly, and showing up to reclaim the drone smacks of "Officer! This is the thief that stole my cocaine".

Naturally the guy overreacted though, it's not like anyone has ever been hurt or killed by a drone. We should all let them fly overhead without concern.

"Confound these ancestors.... They've stolen our best ideas!" - Ben Jonson