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Comment Re: Commodore Amiga or Commodore PC? (Score 1) 456 456

I disagree with your interpretation of the advert. It's not that Apple were saying they don't make a PC, it's that there are PCs and there are Macs.

A bit like saying do you want a phone or an iPhone, do you want a fizzy drink or a Coke.

It's demonstrating their brand as above the average.

Comment Re:Share your "encryption network" with Suckerberg (Score 1) 138 138

Anyone who encrypts mail to me does it from their own machines. This is for Facebook mail to you. If a user grabs your keys they can also send you mail directly without going through Facebook.

Facebook lets you control your public keys as if it were any other information: public, friends only, etc.

Comment It took mine. (Score 1) 138 138

Just added my keys. Not that I care about the notifications that "Billy scored X on Y Game", but anything that obfuscates and encrypts data on the wire is a good thing. It's not just the NSA, how many of you use gmail? This will keep them from scanning your mail.

>In fact I may enable a bunch more useless notifications and set up a rule to delete them at my end as they arrive.

Like punning, programming is a play on words.