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Submission + - Free Academic Licenses for CppCat static code analyzer->

Andrey_Karpov writes: CppCat is a static code analyzer integrating into the Visual Studio 2010-2013 environment. The analyzer is designed for regular use and allows detecting a large number of various errors and typos in programs written in C and C++. For the purpose of popularizing it, we've decided to launch a student-support program granting free licenses to every higher school student who will contact and ask us about that. You just need to send us a photo of your student card or transcript.
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Comment Re:Red Light Runner Prediction (Score 1) 348 348

What's wrong with a breathalyzer test followed by a blood test if said breathalyzer test was positive?

Making people take a test they could fail because they feel intimidated, are nervous, or indeed drunk as one of the options? I don't get it... I really don't - must be some other crazy motive there...


Submission + - Planetary Society Debunks "Puddles" on Mar

Rei writes: "Yesterday, Slashdot posted about what appeared to be puddles of water sitting on Mars. Unfortunately, according to the Planetary Society's blog, the authors of the paper didn't even bother to check the context in which the "water" photos were taken. The article notes that one shouldn't trust papers that haven't yet gone through peer review. "The white square shows you where the image comes from. It's in the middle of Opportunity's Burns Cliff panorama, on some of the steepest slopes that Opportunity saw before arriving at Victoria crater! Those can't be puddles — unless the amazing "liquid" that puddles here on Mars in a freezing near-vacuum also has antigravity properties.""

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