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Submission + - First iphone 3GS software jailbreak released (

yoshac writes: George Hotz has released purplera1n, the first publicly released software-only exploit for jail breaking the Apple iphone 3GS.
Details were posted on his blog 3rd July:

FRIDAY, JULY 3, 2009
I make it ra1n
Yes, this is what you've all been waiting for. A jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS. And it's awesome. To get started right now, go to Download it. Make sure you have windows(but not 7), the latest iTunes installed, and an iPhone 3GS with 3.0 firmware. Connect your iPhone normally. Click "make it ra1n". Wait. On bootup, run Freeze, the purplera1n installer app. Hopefully you'll figure out what to do from there.


Obese Woman Told To Get MRI At the Zoo 15

5-foot tall, 275-pound Carolyn Ragan is upset with the University of Kansas Hospital after she was told to have an MRI of her spinal tumor done at a zoo because the hospital's machine could not accommodate her. "(a medical assistant)...suggested the Kansas City Zoo," Ragan said. "I thought, I know I'm big, but I'm not as big as an elephant. And my husband got mad." The University of Kansas Hospital would not comment on Ragan's claim, but said its MRI department does not know of any animal MRI in the Kansas City area that would scan a human. You know it's time to put down the burger and go for a walk when you have to go to the large mammal exhibit for health care.
The Courts

Hacker Admits To Scientology DDoS Attack 275

lbwbl writes with news that a New Jersey man will plead guilty to one felony count of 'unauthorized impairment of a protected computer' for his distributed denial of service attacks on Scientology websites as part of 'Anonymous' earlier this year. From Wired: "He faces a likely sentence of 12 to 18 months in prison based on stipulations in his plea agreement, which also obliges him to pay $37,500 in restitution. ... Friday's case, in US District Court in Los Angeles, marks the first prosecution of an Anonymous member for a series of attacks against the Church of Scientology that began in mid-January. The secretive religious group strayed into Anonymous' sights after trying to suppress the publication of a creepy Tom Cruise video produced for Scientology members."

Submission + - Radiohead's In Rainbows - Is The Album Dead? ( 1

Snocrash23 writes: "Last week, Radiohead released their latest album, In Rainbows, for free, asking fans to pay whatever they liked for the full length downloadable work. A week later, the "sales" numbers for In Rainbows are starting to leak. By my calculations, Radiohead made out with a ton of money."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Adobe to move all its apps to run on the web (

E1ven writes: "Adobe today announced they they will be transitioning their entire suite of apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects to run as web-based applications.
This is a strong bet on the future of web applications, and if successful puts Adobe in a strong position to control the API for the next generation of development.
Perhaps the most intriguing part is that it will make Desktop OS almost irrelevant, allowing Photoshop and it's ilk on Linux without compatibility woes."


Submission + - Slashdot Reverses Facts about Radiohead 1

Apro+im writes: The popular news aggregation website, Slashdot today reported that the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows was pirated more than it was procured via legitimate means, setting off a flurry of speculation on their online discussion board as to the implications of this "fact". Strangely overlooked in much of the discussion, however, was the fact that the article they linked contained the exact opposite information, stating:

"The file was downloaded about 100,000 more times each day — adding up to more than 500,000 total illegal downloads. That's less than the 1.2 million legitimate online sales of the album reported by the British Web site"
Questions about what this implies about Slashdot's editorial practices and readership remain unanswered.

Submission + - Apple slashes iTunes' DRM-free prices (

dr. phdream writes: Crazy Stevie is at it again as Apple slashed prices on DRM-less music...

From the article:

All tunes stripped of digital rights management (DRM) limitations have been reduced from $1.29 to $.99, said Apple. The iTunes catalog of DRM-free music has also been expanded and now numbers more than 2 million tracks.


Submission + - AT&T To Drop Early Termination Fees (

An anonymous reader writes: AT&T on Tuesday announced new policies that apply to customers changing calling plans or exiting contracts early. Starting next month, customers who change a wireless calling plan will no longer be required to extend their current contact with AT&T or sign a new contract. Customers who terminate a contact early will no longer have to pay a flat early termination fee. The fee will be lowered during the term of the contact. The early termination policy, however, will go into effect early next year and will apply to new and renewing customers who sign a one or a two-year contract.

Comment Success? (Score 1) 1

I think it would be interesting to make a statement about how he would define a success. In my humble opinion, I think he knows what he is doing. But for some strange reason, I don't think he has enough of the country behind him to pull out as the winner. I wonder what kind of impact he wishes to make, or if he actually thinks he can win this thing.

Name-Your-Cost Radiohead Album Pirated More Than Purchased 582

phantomfive writes "Forbes is reporting that despite Radiohead giving their latest album away 'for free', more copies of the album were pirated than downloaded from their site. Commentators offered up the opinion that this was probably more out of habit than malice. People download from regular BitTorrent sources, and may not have fully understood the band's very new approach to the subject. Regardless, Readiohead's efforts are having some measurable effect, as noted by the chairman of EMI: 'The industry, rather than embracing digitalization and the opportunities it brings for promotion of product and distribution through multiple channels, has stuck its head in the sand. Radiohead's actions are a wake-up call which we should all welcome and respond to with creativity and energy.'"

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