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Comment Good luck with making good... (Score 2) 459

I vaguely remember signing up when I was 19. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that I'm almost 32, have a job, a wife (who has her own job), a child, a dog, two mortgages (we live in one and have a renter in the other), etc., there is pretty much no damned way I'm picking up and moving because of some crap I said on the internet while in college, probably drunk and definitely on anti-depressants. Frankly, I expect there are others just like that.

Additionally, I do believe I had stopped paying for a domain at some point and then lost my password to the website, causing me to re-register. Therefor, they're down at least two "members" just with me, "sorry" to say.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 182

If a private enterprise paid to create it, you're totally in the right. If the government paid for someone to do the research and make it, it ought to be government property and the profit from it should have been on the research.

Comment Boneheaded and with straightforward solutions (Score 1) 699

This is so boneheaded it beggars belief. The straightforward solution is to require the UEFI variable filesystem (or whatever it is called these days) to be mounted read-only, and require (UNIX anyway, but something analogous ought to work for Windows too) an application to do a "mount -o remount,rw" to do whatever it needs to do, then do a "mount -o remount,ro" when it's finished. Not as nice as having UEFI not be seriously broken, but workable, and there's not much of an excuse for things like systemd, openrc, etc. implementing this where appropriate (and for any UEFI crap that can brick a system, this is appropriate).

Applications don't like it? Tough, patch the damn things. Requireing firmware to be exposed to harm like this on any operating system is unacceptable.

Comment Re:Corporate governance question (Score 2) 45

Its not uncommon with large investors. If you have a startup and I buy 40% of the company, its normal for me to have 40% of the board as well. A board's job is to be independent of the management, not of the owners.

As for 3 seats vs 1 seat- 3 seats gives 3 different people with different sets of views and opinions when asked for advice. It also means Carl doesn't have to show up to board meetings himself, his cronies do.

Comment Re:Open to Questions (Score 1) 1306

How about reducing the time between posts. Its been growing for years. At 4 minutes between posts you can't have any type of response to people commenting on your posts. I generally just don't even bother to try any more, having to write a response then wait 5 or so minutes to post it just makes me go to reddit.

Case in point- this post got delayed because I commented 2 minutes ago. Now I'm going off to play Civ. Normally this would just get the tab closed instead.

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