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Comment: Re:I have to admit... (Score 3, Interesting) 28

by abigor (#40314011) Attached to: VMware's Serengeti Brings Hadoop To Virtual, Cloud Environments

Yes, of course you can manually set up Hadoop in whatever environment, but it's a pain and generally speaking management is annoying. This new project appears to alleviate at least some of that, making it easy to remotely deploy and manage a Hadoop cluster. At least, that's what I got from the demo video - there's probably more to it.

Regarding Hadoop, I'm always surprised by its popularity given the relative fragility of HDFS (the NameNode is a single point of failure; other distributed filesystems have beaten this problem) and the dubious, beta-like quality of the tools built on top of it (Pig, etc.)

Comment: Screening embryos already happens (Score 5, Interesting) 456

by abigor (#39814683) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Dangerous Lines of Scientific Inquiry?

Where I live, certain ethnic minorities (actually, taken together they are actually a majority) are notorious for screening embryos for gender. Then they abort the females until a male is born first. It's become such an issue that it's now illegal to specify an embryo's gender until the window for legal abortion has passed (I don't remember how many weeks/months that is).

If you're white, the doctor will still tell you if you ask though.

Comment: Re:Not bloody likely (Score 1) 738

by abigor (#39777425) Attached to: Software Engineering Is a Dead-End Career, Says Bloomberg

I'm 42, work for a very large Valley-based company whose name starts with "C" (as a contractor, so I'm self-employed) and I can tell you that the Valley in general is DYING for programmers of whatever age. To use just one example, I get calls from LinkedIn contacts and recruiters multiple times weekly, even though my profile says I'm not looking for work.

And what's more, I work remotely, which you would think would make me less desirable as an employee. It probably does, but companies are desperate, I guess.

Comment: Re:What no Guantanamo Bay for him? (Score 2) 202

by abigor (#39249097) Attached to: GitHub Hacked

Oh wait.. this is an open source community that understood what his intentions where and didn't have a knee jerk reaction.
What I guess intelligence trumps mass panic and ignorance.

That's exactly wrong. GH freaked out and banned his account after the Rails team repeatedly closed his bug reports. This story has been on Hacker News for a while now, so you can head there for the full story. His account was eventually reinstated after it was made clear to GH that they behaved poorly.

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