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Comment Re:Privacy (Score 3, Insightful) 223 223

Yes, definitely. Facebook IS a social media site. That's ALL it is. When I post things or pictures on there, it's stuff I'm explicitly putting out there for public consumption.

Google on the other hand, has a TON of services that contain private data. GMail, the search engine, and Drive. Heck even Picasa - it's a photo album program but many people were using it before it was "social". I'd upload pictures to link to in various forums and such. Took me by great surprise when I uploaded one right after Google+ went live and started getting comments on it. Granted, it was nothing embarrassing as I was linking it in a public discussion elsewhere, but what had been a gallery I had to provide a link to earlier was now just open for people in my "circles" to view. It's not the situation that's bad - it's that it STARTED as something else and then morphed into that.

Put simply - I don't have any issue with social media existing, but I don't want every single thing I use to be "socially connected".

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 485 485

If he was using buckshot, he'd have nine (or fewer) pellets to work with.

Well, not necessarily. The "standard" 00 load for 2.75" shells is 9 pellets, but you can increase the pellet count by either going with longer shells or smaller pellets.

Most 3.5" 00 12 ga loads have 18 pellets. I've also seen 12 ga 3.5" loads with #4 buckshot pellets rather than 00 that have 33 pellets.

I will say that PERSONALLY, when I shoot buckshot (mostly when deer hunting - it's legal at certain times here), my most common load is a 3" 12ga 00 load with 15 pellets.

Comment Re:Not a monopoly anymore. (Score 1) 366 366

Yep. I can't remember the last time I chose to use Internet Explorer. I tried Project Spartan and it was all right, but on windows 10 I'm using Chrome. Works fine. Mozilla has blown for many, many years. And Chrome is starting to make the same mistakes.

And the OS I use those most? Android.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 377 377

Once you know that, you can look up or download the algorithm and generate valud numbers all day.

And so can a kid. It's been a long time ago (33 years) but when I was 11-12 I had a VERY good concept of programming and how to tinker. The internet wasn't really a thing in most households yet but I still knew computers, and most kids these days do too - even moreso.

And even though internet porn wasn't around back then - guess what - we still had porn as kids. Typically it was in the form of a magazine that some kid smuggled out of his dad's collection, so it certainly wasn't in the same volume, but every kid in the neighborhood seen it and almost all grew up to be perfectly normal adults.

This is all focused on nothing - by the time someone is aware enough about sex to try and access a website, they're GOING to be able to get that content.

Comment Re:Why does anyone care? (Score 2) 117 117

You can use high powered lasers in short pulses to compress and heat a fuel pellet to achieve fusion. A particular approach called fast ignition requires a petawatt pulse. Given that the laser is named LFEX for "Laser for Fast Ignition Experiments", it is a good bet this is what it is for.

(My expertise in this is limited to having had an inkling which Wikipedia article to look in for the answer. Further input from real experts is welcome.)

Comment Re:But But This is Anti Homeless! (Score 1) 210 210

It's cheaper than either cigarettes or alcohol, especially in places where it's available "medicinally", like SF.

Yes, I've been to those places because THC suppressed epileptic seizures I used to have (but only for several hours while it was in effect- it's an extremely expensive anticonvulsant and insurance doesn't cover it). Legal pot is particularly expensive. On what basis is pot cheaper that liquor or alcohol? Per "dose" (whatever that is for any of those three)? Cigarettes and liquor never tempted me to cut up my ATM card.
Plus, you can't survive on a 100% Taco Bell diet... just eating the pot would be more nutritious.

Comment This would look really cool (Score 4, Interesting) 118 118

If you've ever played with a normal monochrome laser in a dark room, you'll have seen how laser illumination makes things look speckly. Illuminating with this "white" laser will make superimposed speckly in three colours, with the locations of the speckles not coinciding, so it would be iridescent speckly.

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