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+ - Meet the White House's new open source-happy IT director->

Submitted by alphadogg
alphadogg (971356) writes "The White House has plucked 28-year-old David Recordon, engineering director at Facebook, as its first IT Director. A strong open source advocate (OpenID, Open Web Foundation, etc.) with a decidedly non-button-down appearance, Recordon will be charged with modernizing the White House’s technology. Here’s a closer look at one of our newest public servants"
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+ - High-skill immigration and the new Senate leadership->

Submitted by Jim_Austin
Jim_Austin (1073454) writes "The first hearing on high-skill immigration under the new Senate leadership had a very different tone from what we've gotten used to. Instead of focusing on the "skills gap" and corporations' need for an expanded labor pool, last week's hearing "focused largely on the practice of replacing existing, often longstanding, employees with cheaper guest workers and preferentially hiring guest workers over Americans under the H-1B visa program and the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, which permits work on extended student visas.""
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+ - The Next Great IT Job Killer May Already Be Here

Submitted by snydeq
snydeq (1272828) writes "A quiet revolution with a potential impact on the IT workforce reminiscent of outsourcing may be under way in the form of robotic process automation, InfoWorld reports. 'Geared toward automating a variety of business and computing processes typically handled by humans, RPA will stir passions at organizations that deploy the technology, with its potential to slash jobs, shake up the relevant skills mix, and if implemented strategically, stave off the specter of outsourcing.' BPOs and enterprises alike are implementing the technology and seeing positive results in slashing labor costs. 'I would say most IT infrastructure support jobs will be eliminated over the next three years,' says Frank Casale, founder of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation. That sentiment may be a bit bullish on the tech, but early results suggest that a shakeup of the IT workforce could be near, as RPA puts higher-value IT tasks in automation's cross-hairs."

Comment: Re: I never thought I'd say this... (Score 1) 353

by aaronjp (#47940249) Attached to: FCC Chairman: Americans Shouldn't Subsidize Internet Service Under 10Mbps

We can push over 100Mb/s over 5,000' of copper _today_ using the latest, already shipping DSL technology.

Your other points aside. It still requires that the copper plant is in decent shape, which for many areas out there it is not. Water penetrated, corroded, rotted insulation, undocumented bridge taps, squirrel chewed on, aging, weather beaten, copper line that can barely sustain a 1.5Mb/s connection isn't going to handle a 100Mb/s connection very well.

Comment: Re:Hell Yes! (Score 1) 251

by aaronjp (#47069467) Attached to: It's Time For the <em>Descent</em> Games Return

If you were able to pry a game port card from an AT format PC, it would likely be an ISA board, which no newer computer has had in awhile. A lot of computers/motherboards these days don't even come with even a PCI slot, just all PCI-X.

Which doesn't even mention that Windows 7 and up don't support the game port interface anyways.

USB to Game port adapters are your best bet if you have an old game port based controller. Or just buy a new USB based controller.

Comment: Re:Who is "we"? (Score 1) 238

by aaronjp (#47069397) Attached to: Google Fiber: No Charge For Peering, No Fast Lanes

I hate to dim your ray of optimism, but AT&T pulled their thumb out last August. I'm on legacy AT&T DSL where they have been enforcing their 150GB caps since then, the moment you go over you get charged $10 for a bucket of 50GB. I've been charged $20 additonal in one month due to blowing past the first bucket and getting another one.

Comment: Re:Minecraft on iPads (Score 1) 559

by aaronjp (#46021169) Attached to: How Can Nintendo Recover?

In my home it's Minecraft of PC's. Sure they play on the Android tablet and the iPad, but they would rather play on the laptops or desktops the client is more current/capable and they can do more. Both of our consoles (Wii and PS3) have been fairly well ignored now that my three boys all have their own Minecraft accounts. Well I take that back, they watch Minecraft videos from YouTube on the PS3, while playing Minecraft on the laptops. We even got Disney Infinity for the PS3 and that's been pretty well ignored after 3 days of initial play.

Comment: Re:Wii U problem is not underpowered. (Score 5, Insightful) 559

by aaronjp (#46021127) Attached to: How Can Nintendo Recover?

Customers wanted and expected what they had in the old Wii with 1280p HD and a boost in processing power and got the Wii U.

Nintendo totally ignored the social aspect they created with the Wii. They went from a system where it was cheap enough to buy 4 controllers; so 4 people could play at a time to a system where it's just too expensive to have multiple players. Potential customers look at the Wii U as if it's essentially an expensive one player system, and just decide to keep playing the old Wii. In other words, they made a system that no one was asking for and even worse no one wanted in the Wii U.

IMO, if Nintendo wants to recover make a Wii HD.

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