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Comment im about to put that company out of bussness (Score 1) 359

here is a cheaper easier way to prevent a person form taking over a plan. it may be old school but some times low tech is better... a metal wall dividing the pilots from the passengers. give them a separate "door" to the out side. (not a door to the cabin) Thus making it impossible for them to seize the plane. they might be able to take a hostage at most, but at least a steerable missile(the plane) would be not be in there control.

Submission + - Big Radio Settles Payola Charges

vivaoporto writes: "As seen on Forbes, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times, the four broadcast conglomerates (Clear Channel Communications, CBS Radio, Entercom Communications and Citadel Broadcasting), which together own more than 1,500 stations, have agreed to pay hefty fines and to provide air time for local artists and independent record labels. as a settlement with the FCC. The radio chains, which didn't admit wrongdoing, are to pay a collective $12.5 million in fines and dedicate a total of 8,400 half-hour segments to independent music over the next three years. (Indie labels, for purposes of the settlement, are those not owned or controlled by one of the nation's four dominant music labels — Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and EMI Group)"

Submission + - Apple Sues Over IPhone UI

carlvlad writes: "Malaysian student Tzy Wen has received a cease and desist letter from Apple's lawyers after publishing a UI clone of upcoming Apple IPhone for Pocket PCs.

Full story at phone-interface-has-apple-running-scared.html

The poor guy used up all his bandwidth in just 4 days after publicly release the UI."

The more cordial the buyer's secretary, the greater the odds that the competition already has the order.