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+ - wikipedia attacking torrent info????

Submitted by
ZivZoolander writes "Wiki censoring (removing) more articles?????????

Seems just like the other day ISOHUNT went down, could this be related?

Here is an article that I visit often to see and compare (some of the more less known torrent sites)
There were several other articles on this subject that have magically gone, bye bye.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_BitTorrent_sit es

Still available on archive (a couple years old :( )
http://web.archive.org/web/20060527041448/en.wikip edia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_BitTorrent_sites

The information was useful(referring to the current one that was there a few days ago, because it also included much more information such as stance on legal issues as well as many other various stats of the different sites.

I can't remember what some of the other articles were. If anyone knows what they were perhaps they are still on archive?"

+ - Centralizing Communications(without Outlook)

Submitted by ZivZoolander
ZivZoolander (964472) writes "It's the first of the year and I would like some help bringing in the new software. Currently all our secretary's use Outlook. It has become obvious that they need to switch to something better. The outlook databases has corrupted on more then one occasion, and keeping the databases in outlook current and in sync is a nightmare, as are keeping backups. Thunderbird was a thought, however my fathers company uses Lotus Notes, each laptop, desktop replicates (synchronizes) to the corporate server (updates contacts so everyone has current info). Plus they have one singe database to backup. (we need more then just a cleint software solution) We have computers I can dedicate as a central server. An Open Source solution would be nice. (but not required) I can run Linux (or XP) on server but the clients have to be XP based (for now at least) Simple install and backup procedures would be ideal. Free (as an beer) would be nice but we can afford to spend a money if it means keeping the heart (communications) of our company beating smoothly."

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