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Comment: Separation of the content from the vehicle (Score 1) 256

by ZipR (#35589654) Attached to: Why Paywalls Are Good, But NYT's Is Flawed
In my op, part of the problem is the division on the 'net between the content makers (eg NY Times) and the content providers (Comcast). I feel that I already pay Comcast too much for web access, and now the Times is hoping I'll pay them on top of that? That's a tough sell, no matter what the content is.

Comment: Re:Updates are coming (Score 1) 636

by ZipR (#31248080) Attached to: Google Android — a Universe of Incompatible Devices
Supposedly the updates are coming. It seems that the update to my Sprint HTC Hero keeps being pushed back. It's unclear what (or who) the holdup is -- Sprint? HTC? Since I already paid for my phone and am in a contract, there's probably not a lot of incentive to continue to improve my already dated phone...

Comment: Anyone have a link to his study? (Score 1) 743

by ZipR (#27155581) Attached to: Young People Prefer "Sizzle Sounds" of MP3 Format
The results sound fishy to me, especially with all of the studies out there in places like www.hydrogenaudio.org where mp3s encoded with a modern encoder are transparent from the original in ABX test after ABX test. If that's the case, then how can all of these kids have a preference?

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