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Comment Re:Terrible summary (Score 2) 206

and the "JPG not RAW" is just for workflow-related reasons.

But it's not "JPG not RAW," it's "originally JPG." If it's workflow-related, and the input to Reuters needs to be JPG, why would they care whether the JPG conversion took place in the camera or in off-camera RAW-to-JPG software?

Comment Re:less uber hype,more anti regulation support ple (Score 1) 210

Uber and its peers have significantly improved the experience of per-ride paid transportation:

- Hail by app.
- Identify the car and driver that will pick you up.
- Track the car as it comes to pick you up.
- Price estimate from the company before you get in the car.
- Pay by pre-registered credit card.
- Provide feedback to company and other customers.

These items improve upon calling a dispatcher who may or may not answer, having an unidentified car sent to pick you up. having no idea where the car is or whether it will actually arrive, not knowing the price until your trip is complete (and having to haggle with drivers who add extra fees that may or may not apply to your trip), finding a taxi's credit card reader "broken," and not being able to hold drivers accountable for the condition of their car or the quality of their service.

Comment Re:It isn't just Comcast passwords ... (Score 2) 43

Comcast must contact all 590,000 people

"Can I please place you on hold? Thank you, I am now transferring you to the department that handles this function."

Click. Click.

"Hello, and welcome to Comcast customer service. We are currently experiencing higher than normal volumes, but be assured that your call will be handled as soon as a customer service agent is available. Please hold."


"Have you heard about Comcast Xfinity bundles? Comcast Xfinity bundles offer customers the opportunity to right-size their services!"

Click. Click.
(Dial tone)

Comment The NSA circumventing security measures? (Score 1) 100

This exploit would allow [the NSA and CIA] to get around any security measures and get into the target’s iPhone to intercept calls, messages, and access data stored in the phone.

The NSA and CIA are going to circumvent technological measures in contravention of the DMCA? Does the FBI know about this?

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