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Comment: Backward compatibility is expensive (Score 4, Informative) 199

by ZipK (#46516301) Attached to: A Call For Rollbacks To Previous Versions of Software

That's because software developers are always operating under the assumption that the latest version is the greatest version, when it may not be.

No it's not. It's because engineering for backward compatibility and maintaining multiple versions is both difficult and expensive. Building, testing and maintaining multiple backward compatible versions is an expense that most app vendors probably can't afford.

Comment: Re:And the Stockholders Don't Want the Policy Chan (Score 1) 348

by ZipK (#46376045) Attached to: Tim Cook: If You Don't Like Our Energy Policies, Don't Buy Apple Stock

Corporate policies are made by the Board of Directors and the corporate officers. The Board directs the officers. The Board can be directed by the stockholders.

The Board isn't just directed by the stockholders, it is hired (through election), and if they so choose, fired (again, via election) by the stockholders. The Board works directly for and at the discretion of the stockholders.

Comment: Re:Actually he is debating Steyn in court (Score 5, Insightful) 393

by ZipK (#46076051) Attached to: Michael Mann Defamation Suit Against National Review Writer to Proceed

Sure would hate to see "Global Warming" get slapped down by the courts now wouldn't we?

I think we'd all breathe a sigh of relief if the courts could rationally and scientifically strike down the phenomenon of global warming, or its source in man-made activities.

+ - Legal podcasting of commercially licensed music?

Submitted by ZipK
ZipK (1051658) writes "Although there are thousands of podcasts on iTunes and elsewhere that feature commercially licensed (i.e., ASCAP, BMI and SESAC) music, they seem to be flying under the radar, rather than having found a way to legally license the music and recordings for podcasting. Live365 and the MixCloud appear to have cracked the licensing problem for user-posted streaming content, but has anyone found a practical way to license commercial music and recordings for downloadable podcasting in the US? Has anyone successfully coupled the UK's Limited On-Line License with a license for sound recordings to build license podcasts of commercially sourced music? Are there other countries with licensing organizations that more easily admit podcasting?"

Comment: Re:Door slamming shut (Score 5, Informative) 366

by ZipK (#45872297) Attached to: The SEC Is About To Make Crowdfunding More Expensive

I'm assuming the answer is "oh, I misunderstood."

(c) Neither the summary nor the article were particularly clear on whether these new rules would apply to Kickstarter-style merchandise pre-order crowdfunding. Reading the proposal, it becomes clear that the new rules would apply to the sale of securities that provide the investor a possible return in the form of a share of future revenue or profits.

Comment: The benefits of Facebook (Score 1) 163

by ZipK (#45704485) Attached to: Facebook Tracks the Status Updates and Messages You Don't Write Too

Facebook users don't expect their unposted thoughts to be collected, nor do they benefit from it.

The benefits given to you by Facebook for your unposted thoughts are on par with those for your posted thoughts: more tightly targeted advertising and the opportunity to receive special offers from Facebook's partners.

Comment: Re:What's wrong with this picture? (Score 1) 121

by ZipK (#45586483) Attached to: Swarm Mobile's Offer: Free Wi-Fi In Exchange For Some Privacy

I suppose the retailers need to implement technology to disrupt mobile data signals, be that passive disruption based on structural design of the retail store or active jamming. That would force internet users to use the only wifi signal available.

Or inspire shoppers to walk outside to get a signal, at which point they're further from the item and closer to their cars when they find the item on-line for a few dollars cheaper.

Comment: Re:Obligitory Reagan quote... (Score 3, Informative) 425

by ZipK (#44504119) Attached to: Federal Judge Declares Bitcoin a Currency

Under an all-republican congress with a veto-proof majority.

The Republicans didn't have anything near a veto-proof majority in the Senate; they had only 53 seats at the time of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. The vote was 54-44, with only Hollings (D-SC) crossing party lines to side with the Republicans. Fitzgerald (R-IL) voted "Present" and Inhofe (R-IN) didn't vote. So even if the Republicans picked up Fitzgerald and Inhofe, they would have still needed to flip 11 Democrats to override a veto, which was highly unlikely.

Comment: Re:Obligitory Reagan quote... (Score 5, Informative) 425

by ZipK (#44503787) Attached to: Federal Judge Declares Bitcoin a Currency

A man who's administration set in motion all of the major changes that lead to the last big financial collapse.

Certainly not all of the major changes. Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, repealing key elements of Glass-Steagall. Clinton also made the mistake of listening to Robert Rubin and Larry Summers' belief that derivatives didn't need the transparency of regulated exchanges.

Comment: How do I control players in a live game? (Score 1) 207

They reasoned that the “use does not qualify for First Amendment protection as a matter of law because it literally recreates Keller in the very setting in which he has achieved renown.”

So if live football games are like their video recreations, how do I control the player with the ball? This will really help me with my fantasy league next year.

Comment: Re:Whoosh (Score 3, Informative) 547

by ZipK (#44056467) Attached to: Microsoft Kills Xbox One Phone-Home DRM

Collapsing companies are more profitable than growing ones - less to invest in, more of the Gross is Net. A better picture would be looking at Microsoft's Year-on-year revenues.

FY11 $69.94B
FY12 $73.72B +5% Y/Y

1Q13 $16.01B -8% Y/Y
2Q13 $21.46B +3% Y/Y
3Q13 $20.49B +18% Y/Y
4Q13 TBA

4Q12 was $18.06B, so even if revenue is flat Y/Y for 4Q, Microsoft would still show 3% Y/Y annual revenue growth.

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