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by ZipK (#47921421) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

They most certainly do have your consent - you installed the software, and turned on the "automatically download iTunes purchases to this device" option.

They have the user's consent to download iTunes purchases, but they don't have the user's consent to make purchases on the user's behalf. Those users who set up automatic download couldn't possibly have guessed that Apple would be unilaterally adding purchased items to their accounts.

+ - John Madden's 14-inch tall NFL linebacker->

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ZipK (1051658) writes "A glitch in the latest version of EA's franchise football video game "Madden 15" has modeled the Cleveland Browns 6' 2", 235-pound rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey as only 1' 2" tall. On the plus-side, the game's code seems to render the fourteen-inch linebacker in good detail. Too bad they didn't include any special gadget plays for this mighty-might."
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by ZipK (#47696437) Attached to: WikiLeaks' Assange Hopes To Exit London Embassy "Soon"

Suppose they drove a van into the embassy, Assange got in (or didn't get in), and they drove it out to an airport.

Your plan is close, but you would actually need a man-sized diplomatic pouch, large enough for Assange to crouch within, with the zipper fully closed with a diplomatic seal. He'd need to stay in the pouch until his plane was outside territorial airspace.

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