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Comment: Re:Well done! (Score 1) 540

by Zeromous (#49513795) Attached to: George Lucas Building Low-Income Housing Next Door To Millionaires

I was a poor kid in a rich kid class (gifted program, which imported the smartest kids from all of the local private schools).

They stuck us all in a school literally in the middle of the 'hood.

I'm just going to come right out and say BULLSHIATE.

All the rich kids, became lawyers, doctors, artists and engineers (including poor me! Except I had no money so they only thing they'll let me engineer is software).
All the poor kids: some never graduated, most in jail or just out of jail, some have okay jobs (the smarter ones) and punch their clock go home and watch hockey and drink beer.

Comment: Re:Know what's worse? Cleartext. (Score 1) 132

by Zeromous (#49278697) Attached to: Researchers Find Same RSA Encryption Key Used 28,000 Times

I agree, I liken this to a Master Lock. All keys are the same for the master lock (A Hammer/Crowbar), that doesn't mean it doesn't provide a measure of "sufficient security".

like Hey, if you want to steal my lawnmower thats cool bro. I'll put a master lock on the shed and worry about securing the really important stuff.

Comment: Re:What's the matter with Canada? (Score 1) 116

by Zeromous (#49090169) Attached to: The Disastrous Privacy Consequences of Canada's Anti-Terrorism Bill

I live in the Ontario suburbs you nitwit. Yes I'm talking about you.

I got mine through 30 years of hard work, your dissonance is the cost at which it is to serve you with city services in the suburbs vs a big city landowner (welfare case paying property taxes? where do you get this stuff)
Also no one mentioned city politics so there is that too.

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