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Comment: Re:Or maybe it was aliens (Score 1) 105

by s.petry (#49182053) Attached to: The Mexican Drug Cartels' Involuntary IT Guy

Draws a crowd? Part of the message only. Stories like these generally cover much more than a singular issue like popularity. I see also the article demonizing certain cartels as part of the message. I'm not claiming the drug cartels are good guys by that statement. I'm claiming that the cartel pushing for prohibition of certain narcotics creates the black markets. Meanwhile the guys making some drugs illegal approves and sells their own drugs, which more often than not get used for the same purpose as what they prohibit.

I didn't read the full article because the headline describes itself as "one possible theory". I'm sure I could find other hidden gems in the full article, but today I lack the time to dissect and absorb a new conspiracy theory (not intended as derogatory).

Comment: Re:Secure is now illegal (Score 3, Interesting) 197

For posterity, nowhere does the article claim that the 1.2 Petabytes is all child pornography. The company claims that most of the data is not, but I guess that is a secondary issue. Holding the company responsible is idiotic unless they were complicit in the crime. Did they refuse to take action that the courts claimed they needed to with the data? Try to hide the data when cops came looking? I don't see any of those things, so IMHO this is a scare tactic attempting to get people to do what GP stated: "have companies snoop through all user data" which is asinine.

I'm of the personal opinion that people involved in child porn should be jailed for life without parole if they are found guilty. The rule of law can not be tossed out the window because of my emotion on the topic. That is called chaos or anarchy, and we are supposed to be civilized.

Comment: Popularity is Guided/Controlled (Score 2) 57

by s.petry (#49158501) Attached to: Genetic Data Analysis Tools Reveal How US Pop Music Evolved

I have heard and seen numerous bands that don't get contracts or played on the radio because they don't fit the image and message that record companies "want", or don't play the games to get the contracts. That radio play time is what causes popularity, people know what they hear and can't know anything they don't hear. Take their title example "pop". The top female pop stars would not have become popular without a massive budget to advertise them and get their names out (telling everyone how it's a big star in the intro message). Until the VMA/MTV/(other award show) put up Miley Cyris and told everyone what a great artist she was who heard of her in the Music industry? Ariana Grande? Most of these people are only performers (actresses/actors) and purchase songs written for them that the producers tell them to play.

Read up on what most bands have had to do to gain popularity and the advertising required to make it big. Most bands, regardless of genre, have to give up control of just about everything. Producers change lyrics, change music, change production and the artists have no say. Smart musicians may build some elements of control into their contracts, but if they do the wrong things they receive no air time or advertising.

The study is wrong, because it negates the biggest reason for popularity. Advertising. The game is rigged, and most musicians know and admit as much.

Comment: Re:Offtopic but...wth happened to /. layout? (Score 1) 102

by s.petry (#49151993) Attached to: Google Reverses Stance, Allows Porn On Blogger After Backlash

I was rather surprised with the new layout, and last night was buggy as all get out. Now that the bugs are worked out I like the new design. It's not beta, or if it is they built in everything we said was missing and fixed the text layout we complained about.

If there was some sort of announcement system I'd have been understanding last night. That is something Slashdot has never been good about though...

Comment: Content owner? (Score 1) 31

by s.petry (#49150437) Attached to: Simple IT Security Tactics for Small Businesses (Video)

Screw auto-play, I'm trying to figure out who "ooyala"and "taboola" are, and why their content is being linked (by default on every Slashdot page). Whois data seems to link them to tucows, who I have not seen since they were found to be spreading malware through their download wrappers.

Yeah, you have to follow the whois chain down the road to get to tucows but it's obvious 2 steps away.

FWIW, taboola and ooyala seem to be both tracking companies (for marketing purposes *wink* *wink*). No thanks, I won't let their video play.

Comment: Re:Politely Disagree (Score 1) 698

Oh, so you go to the ad hominem method of reason as a response, followed by your own isolated opinion as a follow up. Thanks for proving my point, twice. I'll ignore further irrational methods of proof, so would encourage you to actually learn the material you are attempting to criticize prior to making irrational claims. As a hunch, you will do nothing and maintain an irrational opinion and argue with invalid logic.

+ - Banned weight-loss drug could combat liver disease, diabetes->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "A drug the U.S. government once branded “extremely dangerous and not fit for human consumption” deserves a second chance, a study of rats suggests. Researchers report that a slow-release version of the compound reverses diabetes and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), an untreatable condition that can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer."
Link to Original Source

Comment: QA and the lack thereof! (Score 1, Offtopic) 56

by s.petry (#49144767) Attached to: Patent Trolls On the Run But Not Vanquished Yet

I submitted a story and it was yanked, so I'll post in stories instead. Slashdot is once again broken. The top sentence of text in the majority of comments is clipped off so only about half the text is visible. The bottom sentence is spliced with the bottom links so you can't read those either. Buttons are almost all broken. Some buttons are not buttons at all, just text. Other buttons have the same text coloring as the button with maybe white shading?

How this could have ever gotten past QA is astounding. Fix the f^&$ing text so we can read it. Fix the buttons so I know what and where they are located. Dark green data fields on dark green backgrounds is not readable, fix that too. I see people posting pictures from IE so it's not just my browser. Last I checked, Firefox was the number one browser for *nix crowds which is a good portion of Slashdot's contributors.

It's not as bad as Beta in some ways, but being dumped on the community makes it close.

+ - Your site is broken! 2

Submitted by s.petry
s.petry (762400) writes "I guess that Dice learned nothing from the last Beta roll out. Text is all over the place with clipped characters on the top line and links covering the bottom line, and the buttons are completely broken. Some don't look like buttons at all, just text, others are a solid color with same color text and white shadows so you can't really read text. The lack of QA and testing is simply inexcusable a second time, sorry.

Just like the last Beta little to no concern or care for users that have been making Slashdot Slashdot for well over a decade. At least last Beta we had a chance to test and tell you it was broken (which was ignored), this time it was just dumped on the community broken.

I originally thought that the submit button was gone, but it showed up with a new color and stands out if you look far enough down the menu. That is the only thing positive I can see from the update. Interestingly, the "Preview" button on the "Submit" page actually looks like the old button so I can read it. (Please don't attempt to "fix" that with what you broke everywhere else)"

Comment: YOUR SITE IS BROKEN! (Score 5, Informative) 186

by s.petry (#49144569) Attached to: Facebook Puts Users On Suicide Watch

I guess that Dice learned nothing from the last Beta roll out. Submissions are gone from the main menu, text is all over the place with clipped characters on the top line and links covering the bottom line, and the buttons are completely broken. Some don't look like buttons at all, just text, others are a solid color with same color text and white borders.

Just as bad, default content is now coming from two known shady operators taboola and oolaya. If you are not running AdBlock and NoScript don't visit Slashdot until that crap is gone.

Just like the last Beta no concern or care for users that have been making Slashdot Slashdot for well over a decade. No notice, no feedback, and obviously the only testing that occurred was some Dev located somewhere in the world "claimed" it worked for them.

Is the goal to chase away the consumers who contribute to make this site what it is?

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