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Comment Re:Duh. But correlary (Score 1) 21 21

Having a username and using the username for well over a decade is now "anonymous", or "pseudo anonymous"? Come now, if you want to attack people at least attempt to pick a valid target. You and GP are both grasping at straws trying to defend that original attack. Failing I will add.

Keep moving that goal post, it will be on solid ground one day right?

Comment Re:Duh. But correlary (Score 1) 21 21

Why is it that so many people fail to comprehend what "do not expect" means. If English is not your first language ask if you don't know. The majority of the time people attempting to attack that statement are English speakers who can't figure out their own language (or read more than 2 words).

Here is a hint: Look up the word "expect' in the dictionary.

Comment Re:Duh. But correlary (Score 1) 21 21

" figure they'll get it anyway, might as well help them along if I can get something out of it." is a self fulfilling prophesy. People only win because you have already surrendered.

I won't claim that nobody has sifted my data for a profile, but I surely don't give companies anything even for a price. The exception I can think of off the top of my head is my GM Car and On-Star. I realize that they can track me by GPS, but I don't drive very much. My car is a 2011 with 18K miles on it, and about 4,000 of that is from when I moved across the country. The bank knows where my car is parked so I don't think On-Star makes that much difference.

Games, Facebook, Apps for the phone, forget it. Even things that require email addresses can generally be done with disposable email accounts with the exception of Facebook which I have not visited in years.

I'm not knocking you, your information is yours to hand away or sell as you wish. Just don't have the expectation that we should all do like you do.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 129 129

What specific are you missing? Morally theft is wrong. Stealing something can be difficult or complex. The easier it is to steal something, the more likely it is to occur. That has been my assertion since the first post and every subsequent post.

I never stated that the victim is at fault, and don't agree with that position.

That comment was in regards to your assertion (sarcastically) that the victim is to blame for the crime.

You seem to have great difficulty in reading and comprehending English. What straw man has been set up or could be set up? You continue to conflate morality with the ease of an access to a crime. "Morality is not the same thing as ease of access."

You have repeated ignored my opinion and substituted your belief of what my opinion actually is. I'm sure you know everyone else' opinion way better than they do right? No, don't answer that. Go troll someone else.

Comment what? (Score 1) 129 129

No matter which way I read your post I disagree. I never stated that the victim is at fault, and don't agree with that position. The point I made was that if you keep the candy jar open and in a spot where it's difficult to monitor, you should not be surprised that people grab a piece without your knowledge.

In other words, we have known for as long as Web ads have been around that "click to pay" can be spoofed. Advertisers kind of forced things in that direction because it looked cheaper on the surface.

Comment Not very shocking (Score 0) 129 129

First, morality has been in the trash can for quite some time. Some is my own cynicism as I age, but I don't remember corruption being this open when I was younger. I don't see many people even try to hide it today.

Now the easy part. How hard is it to spoof data? I could write code in seconds which builds BS HTML strings and pumps them to wherever I want. I don't believe the advertisers are too shocked about this either, or they would have done something long ago to ensure better security.

Comment Legal Obligations should make this obvious (Score 1) 446 446

The best that any company can do is reduce things down to a real name and transaction number, which could then be cross referenced (perhaps externally) to find payment data. Deleting "all" data would be a breach in law, as you are required to maintain financial records for at least 7 years. There is no restriction for credit card purchases, compliance testing just ensures that you are not keeping Card data and PII data like PIN numbers and SSN.

Sneaker-net is the only answer here, and it's difficult to maintain feasibility on a web site to begin with. And we all know what happens when people need bonus checks and higher profit margins. Why do you think we have all those articles on the risks to our power plants and water treatment facilities? When the Government with the biggest budget in world history won't pay a few bucks for it.. well why would you expect any different behavior from others?

Comment Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 674 674

Thank you for proving my point regarding not being much above illiterate several times in several displays.

Workable analogy for anyone else: If a person leaves a box of raisins on the train open for everyone to see, and writes a sign saying "not for public consumption" should it be illegal for someone to eat one of those raisins?

The obvious answer is no, it should not be illegal. The person who put the open container on the train is an idiot. People who see the bucket and can't read the sign can not have any expectation that the raisins are contraband, nor should they.

The same thing could be said about an open electrical outlet on a train where a person can easily access the outlet. Being able to see an outlet is not the same thing as being able to read the sign above it, but you can't seem to differentiate object from language.

I said "for anyone else" due to the fact that I have no confidence in your ability to process rational thoughts. You can not write them, so probably can not read them. I certainly hope that you visit a country like China one day and charge your cell phone in the outlet surrounded by language you can't comprehend. "Never happen with me" works until you are at 0% battery and lost, but you probably can not comprehend that far either.

Comment Conspiring the Conspiracy Theory (Score 1) 309 309

Hey, look over there! SHINY STUFF!

Sure, there are some dipshits in the world but that percentage is so small that they should never every get any coverage by anyone.. Yet here we have 4 different (semi) reputable sources repeating someone's nonsense.

My theory is as good as theirs by the way, and historically more plausible.

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