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+ - NYT: Seymour Papert In Coma

Submitted by
pjdepasq writes: "The New York Times is reporting that Seymour Papert, inventor of Logo, is in a coma in Hanoi, Vietnam. Mr. Papert, 78, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor emeritus, was among more than 100 experts from 30 countries who gathered in Hanoi this week for a conference on teaching mathematics with digital technology."

+ - How to protect a home when away in winter?

Submitted by kidMike
kidMike writes: I just accepted a new job in another state, requiring me to relocate. I'm going to keep my house in New England. As I watch the winter storm problems and electrical outages across the country, how do Slashdotters protect their houses (or cabins?) when they're away in the winter? Is there a device that will call me if the temp in the house drops below a certain level? How about a broken pipe flooding the house? How can I keep advised of problems happening hundreds of miles away? (There will still be broadband at the house.)

+ - worthy international charity?

Submitted by davemchine
davemchine writes: Slashdot readers are some of the most critical readers, if there's a flaw they find it. This christmas I am looking for a worthy international charity to contribute to and I know this is the place to ask. What worthy charity should a slashdoter contribute to?

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