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Comment: Re:Good grief... (Score 1) 676

by Zeio (#49108971) Attached to: Bill Nye Disses "Regular" Software Writers' Science Knowledge

I have one question for Mister Billy Boy who is so smart. Bill Nye, the Pop Science Guy whose understanding of science is slightly more than Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons - but he is in the same room. TV people sent to entertain and mesmerize the sheeple with simplistic versions of real problems to secure a point of view.

Nye: Please, lay out the plan for how to solve the various problems you say are the biggest problems of our time. Solve it. How much will it cost? How will we do it? How will affect the the standard of living for everyone? Is the way out to build a fusion reactor? OK , please tell how to do that then - please.

I really think people need to stop interacting with pop-scientists. These charlatans are more or less salesman of a point of view.

I ask Nye for his credentials - his under grad, is graduate work, his post-grad, what patents and papers has he written? Did he start a tech company? Does he know how to run a business or just a fantasy? Does he have patents? What has he invented to better the lives of all?

Hot air is cheap. I value it little. People are judged by their WORKS not their words.

Comment: Re:Actually - This Perfect Day (Score 3, Interesting) 532

by Zeio (#49096365) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

This dystopia is well played out in This Perfect Day

As usual someone has to have totalitarian complete control to implement this. Attempting to de-nature humans has historically led to revolt every time. Even the Chinese eunuchs banded together to manipulate politics and stage revolts.

You attempt to da-nature humans, and humans will return to the roots. Our roots are nomadic hunting/gathering and agrarian famsteading - these are families and small groups of humans free to do what they need to to get to the next day.

Its the pressure cooker of modern society and the denaturing of family and repression of human nature that causes real issues.

I think video games have given rise to a generation of people raised on their butts with fingers on the keyboard where they think they can play the role of God making decisions for humanity like to drug us all so we act proper.

Comment: Re:Why not open source wolfram alpha? (Score 3, Interesting) 210

by Zeio (#49075779) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Stephen Wolfram a Question

I agree here. This fellow looks like he is good at self-aggrandizement to gather shekels shucking ultra expensive software. I don't like this giant list of pedigree either. Solve problems or help others solve problems. To be fair, mathematica helps others solve problems BUT:

The licensing model is extortionary, its rental software, and it even tries to limit the users by how many API calls are made per month.

Also as others have pointed out because it is black box software its not really auditable.

I find a man who has made as much money as him being as greedy and self aggrandizing as he is today to be petty and money-lusting.

His book is roundly and rightfully savaged in reviews, check them out on Amazon. I will not be linking to it as this guy doesnt need more money pouring in.

I have a startup where our algorithms guy pays the mathematica fine every year. But lets be clear, algorithms guy does 99.9% of the work here and a good part of that is perspiration.

Wolfram just cashes checks - so with all due respect, lets not put this guy on a pedestal.

Comment: Adblock has never failed me. (Score 3, Interesting) 619

by Zeio (#48969171) Attached to: Google, Amazon, Microsoft Reportedly Paid AdBlock Plus To Unblock

I've been using it for years - from very early states - and I know within seconds if adblock is not installed on chrome, firefox and opera and android via adaway.

If adblock leaks an ad, we get the ad and block it manually, and also there are lists that are not directly under adblock plus , adblock chrome's control. The lists are pulled from and maintained separately than the blockers so Im not sure how this can go on for very long. It would be glaringly obvious over time if ads get through and the lists will be updated.

If any one of the adblockers "betrays" the community with exceptions in the code, we have plenty of places to defect to.

Comment: Re:Dear Nazis (Score 1) 177

by Zeio (#48802319) Attached to: The Importance of Deleting Old Stuff

Exactly right. Dont make things secure, dont keep the bad guys out. Dont make all this information searchable for future use.

Delete and change history? That's what we've come to? Delete evidence and history like this is some sort of Enron shredding party.

Meanwhile people who are directly damaged by Google-NSA by not being able to have the right to be forgotten cant escape, but companies can erase their past?

Comment: Solution, streaming server, .torrents (Score 2) 121

by Zeio (#48731669) Attached to: Netflix Begins Blocking Users Who Bypass Region Locks

Switched to .torrents and a streaming device long ago. Being 100% honest is no longer workable. I will buy copies of the blu-rays and go to the movies. However when viewing is desired a downloaded blu-ray rip @ 720p is obtained and I put them through a streaming device (tivo+pytivo works well).

Owning the content in box form should entitle one to access to that content but this is simply not the case - the content providers are way difficult to deal with.

Comment: Re:This is a huge first step! (Score 1) 212

by Zeio (#48413017) Attached to: Launching 2015: a New Certificate Authority To Encrypt the Entire Web

I expect a lot of agents to come in and stump against transport encryption. I question why on earth you wouldnt want to make it harder to sniff. Even if there is a man in the middle possibility, they need a copy of every cert. Lugging around millions of certs and trying to apply them to every flow to see if you can get into that flow sounds a lot harder than not encrypting.

Comment: This is a huge first step! (Score 0, Flamebait) 212

by Zeio (#48412833) Attached to: Launching 2015: a New Certificate Authority To Encrypt the Entire Web

They put the inventor of PGP in jail - Phil zimmerman. Reason: simple transport encryption - even without trust - makes Fedzilla and its police state angry.

This would force the Fedzilla police state to obtain end-point warrants rather than be able to sniff the firehose.

I would rather have transport encryption than nothing. Also, even if these are back doored by the NSA, the government would have to prove how they got the information without a warrant.

This is an imperative first step.

Comment: Re:But the case hasn't even started! (Score 3, Insightful) 119

by Zeio (#48412813) Attached to: US Marshals Auctioning $20M Worth of Silk Road's Bitcoins

I agree here. This is the actions of a police state. Its quite disturbing to see complete forfeiture of assets without a trial taking place. I know normally tycoons and other scum like Madhoff and Ken Lay deserve to be tarred and feathered and pilloried for their crimes against society and shareholders, but who exactly was DAMAGED by Silk Road? Did all of the buyers receive their goods? If so, what is the DAMAGE?

How does the government have standing to claim silk road DAMAGED all those buyers?

Why doesnt the government go after Jack Ma and Alibaba? (As in they block those transactions and forbid buying off that fraud-racket-exchange)? Alibaba sells stolen fraudulent broken junk that is masqueraded as legitimate (its basically a crime mall) but we let that go and shut down silk road and seize all assets? Doesnt make sense. Criminal rackets operate eyes wide shut but it seems the Fedzilla is only angry that they couldnt collect tax off these transactions in which case he should be sued for that money.

Total forfeiture seems out of the bounds of due process.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen