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Comment Re:Wrong answer to the wrong question (Score 1) 1094 1094

And what if they did have a serious underground baby sitting ring? I could see one teenager acting as a coordinator, taking a 10% referral cut from each deal. One such teenager, acting as the manager for all of his or her friends, handling schedules and such, could exceed the levels easily.

And if you don't think teenagers can handle business and money like that then you haven't heard about high school drug dealers.

But my point about babysitters was that they are an example of the cash economy. Other work often paid in cash is lawn care, snow removal, food trucks, computer repair, auto maintenance, handy-man work of all kinds.

A lot of time those jobs are done off the books and the cash is used for entertainment spending, like beer.

Comment Re:Wrong answer to the wrong question (Score 1) 1094 1094

Any rules or restrictions on a Basic Income plan are a bad idea because checking and enforcing those rules needs a big bureaucracy with investigators and enforcers. I can see an immediate cheat already of just working off the books for cash, thus being "unemployed." More than a third of the US economy is already untaxed cash transactions. (Seriously, who pays teen babysitters in anything but cash? And do you think that they track it and pay taxes on it?) No need to make it more.

Just pay everyone the exact same amount and save all the money you'd otherwise spend on making rules.

Comment Re:Not ready for prime time (Score 2) 765 765

Oh yes. I am so sure that your test plans include such unlikely things as your customers deciding to run your app on a Pentium III with no SSE support. That's when you discover that the compiler settings are defaulted for SSE support. Or you discover that a shared memory file is being used by an old software version and a new software version at the same time, resulting in disagreements about exactly what should be locked when. Or maybe you find out that if a customer opens more than 1024 file descriptors your app starts to get silent memory corruption and eventually crashes. (POSIX, select(), FD_SET with fds higher than FD_SETSIZE). Did you check every single POSIX resource limit before using the system libraries? Did you do it correctly?

You can have 100% test coverage and still fail in the real world because of issues with the hardware, libraries and operating system.

You surely must realize that the real world contains so many possible ways to break software that you can't possibly test them all. At some point you just have to go for it.

Comment Re:Let me get this right (Score 1) 839 839

To ask how that tax has been recast as the murder of all that's American (think of the family farms!!!! what family farms?)

So because the tax system has succeeded in destroying most of America's family farms it's OK now because there aren't any left? Huh?

I think it's ridiculous that most of the family farms left have had to incorporate, hire accountanting firms and use all the sneaky tricks just to stay in business and keep their land. The estate tax burden is a lot less on 1/6th of a farm when a stockholder dies and it's easier to get loans to cover it.

Also beware of statistics because some sources like to say family farms have vanished and all that's left is corporate farming. Are they counting family owned corporations as family or corporate?

Comment Re:Let me get this right (Score 2) 839 839

Does income inequality actually matter though?

If Person A makes a million dollars a year but lives exactly the same lifestyle as Person B who makes $100,000 a year, does it matter?

It seems to me that no one would know or CARE if Person A has $100 million in investments and bank accounts if he lives just like everyone else.

So it is really more of a lifestyle inequality that makes people upset.

Comment Re:Let me get this right (Score 2) 839 839

Deductions are important for anyone who is in business. If businesses (from one person muffin bakers, to 1,000 people factories) cannot deduct business expenses then that leads directly into heavy pressure to vertically integrate by buying suppliers and sellers. Until the only businesses that can compete are the Exxons and Conacos who own the oil rigs, the refineries, the pipelines, the trucks and the gas stations.

Otherwise each sale between business entities incurrs a 10% flat tax.

Comment Security Trying To Hold Back Progress, Again (Score 1) 60 60

So here we have security vendors trying YET AGAIN to hold back progress in Internet protocols. They did it with window scaling, ECN and IPv6. Each new invention doesn't work with their snake oil so they either disable it or tell people not to use it.

They like to lock down HTTP too, preventing anything that doesn't "look right." As if a server would respond to PUT or OPTION if it didn't intend to support that.

Comment Re: Fire(wall) and forget (Score 1) 348 348

Software that monitors the traffic for unusual patterns or attack patterns is not a firewall. It is an IDS (or IPS depending on configuration) such as Snort.

Consumer desktop PCs have "antivirus" software which is a combination of firewall, IDS, antivirus and other malware detection systems. Enterprise network admins have firewall, IDS, NAT, and many other systems with each one configured separately.

Network admins have many words for things like Eskimos do for snow because precision is important.

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