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Comment: Re:Too bad Samsung's XP941 is 2/3 the price (Score 1) 113

Seriously the XP941 is a native PCIe controller, not multiple SATA controllers raided together with a PCIe bridge controller. As a result, it is almost 1/2 the price, and still has similar performance (it is only a PCIe 1x device that does 1.2GBs reads/writes, vs the PCIe 4x device that only does 1.8GBs).

Pretty sure that it's a PCIe 2.0 x4 device. :)

Comment: Re:If only (Score 2) 216

by Zan Lynx (#46784933) Attached to: Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue

But how do you know which parts are relevant to you?

I mean, you might think a little thing like the Constitution is perfectly clear when it lays out the rules for regulating interstate commerce. I bet you didn't know that growing wheat on your own small farm and eating it yourself is interstate commerce.

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