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Comment: Way to miss the point! (Score 1) 426

Funny how all the other browser makers are able to make browsers that work across your multiple versions of Windows, but you, the makers of Windows, are unable to. Until you learn that lesson and actually DO something about it, you can rename your browser all you want. You'll notice that US West renaming itself to Qwest didn't work, and renaming themselves again to CenturyLink didn't help, either. Hmm...

Comment: Security Trying To Hold Back Progress, Again (Score 1) 60

by Zan Lynx (#47585303) Attached to: Multipath TCP Introduces Security Blind Spot

So here we have security vendors trying YET AGAIN to hold back progress in Internet protocols. They did it with window scaling, ECN and IPv6. Each new invention doesn't work with their snake oil so they either disable it or tell people not to use it.

They like to lock down HTTP too, preventing anything that doesn't "look right." As if a server would respond to PUT or OPTION if it didn't intend to support that.

Comment: Re: Fire(wall) and forget (Score 1) 348

Software that monitors the traffic for unusual patterns or attack patterns is not a firewall. It is an IDS (or IPS depending on configuration) such as Snort.

Consumer desktop PCs have "antivirus" software which is a combination of firewall, IDS, antivirus and other malware detection systems. Enterprise network admins have firewall, IDS, NAT, and many other systems with each one configured separately.

Network admins have many words for things like Eskimos do for snow because precision is important.

Comment: Re:happy users! (Score 1) 234

by Tumbleweed (#47502827) Attached to: Verizon Boosts FiOS Uploads To Match Downloads

Both Verizon FIOS users were reportedly very happy (other than their experience using Netflix).

Really? I live outside the city (as in no water or gas infrastructure) and I still have FiOS, here in Northern Virginia.

Yeah, they apparently weren't able to roll out FIOS to anything other than outlying suburbs across most of the U.S. Not very many people are able to get FIOS, and they stopped expanding their service area a few years ago, and even sold off parts of their fiber network to other companies in certain markets. If you aren't in a FIOS service area now, you probably never will be.

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