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Comment: Re:Why can't (Score 1) 349

by Xipher (#47370095) Attached to: Bug In Fire TV Screensaver Tears Through 250 GB Data Cap

Electricity, water, and natural gas all "consume" physical product. Bits on a wire don't actually consume anything, other than the electricity used to put them there but thats mostly constant. Bandwidth is a time limited function, not product limited. "Unused" bandwidth on a link is just wasted time with no useful data traversing the wire.

Comment: Re:So why *don't* other mail readers use labels? (Score 1) 435

by Xipher (#45288051) Attached to: The Case Against Gmail

Did some searching today, and it seems Google has actually defined some extensions to add IMAP commands to support labels so clients could use them. This is the same thing I'm looking for in any replacement, because the concept of labels is the one of the biggest draws to Gmail for me, along with it's message filtering capabilities and spam filtering.

Comment: Re:Tech solution for a social problem (Score 1) 405

You realize it's not that easy to actually catch them texting in motion. If an enforcement officer sees it and pulls you over, how does he retrieve evidence? Taking your phone without a warrant seems like an easy to abuse stretch, and warrant-less retrieval of phone records isn't great either? What if you use Google Voice, they won't know the difference and when your records come up clean they will be stumped. These are issues I know have come up from officers here in Iowa when the issue of enforcing texting while driving laws were brought up. Simply put the law can be on the books, but officers hands are tied attempting to enforce it.

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