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Comment: Re:Standards Standards Standards (Score 1) 75

by Xaedalus (#47855699) Attached to: Book Review: Architecting the Cloud
Mod this up please--this statement right here: "The problem is that there are no incentives to standardize because service companies don't want the market to become a commodity because commoditization usually eats their profits (at least in the industrialized world) just like it did with PC's. They want you to be locked in to Their Way so that you can't leave for competitors." is responsible for most of the competing standards and general "upgrade or die/walled garden" clusterfucks in Tech.

Comment: Re:"Death to Gamers and Long Live Videogames" (Score 1, Redundant) 1134

by Xaedalus (#47825651) Attached to: Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny In Gamer Culture
Bullshit. If you're man enough to post accusations, you're man enough to post links referencing actual facts to back yourself up. Posting accusations without evidence is just a smear job, and indicates the lack of character of the poster rather than the accused.

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But we're the only First World nation with European roots in centuries to elect a minority as a president--twice. Tell me, when do you think Britain will elect it's first Prime Minister of Pakistani or Indian descent? Or when Australia will elect an Aboriginal Prime Minister? Or Germany electing someone of Turkish origin? Or France with someone of Algerian ancestry?

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by Xaedalus (#47808185) Attached to: Reported iCloud Hack Leaks Hundreds of Private Celebrity Photos

Here's the problem: there is nothing immoral about taking nude selfies and sharing them with selected individuals. The statement, "If you don't want pictures of your tits online, don't let anyone take pictures of your tits", implies that these actions are both immoral and stupid. Not just that, adhering to that philosophy will set sexual culture and identity straight back to the good ol' moral 1950's. This statement also relegating porn stars to being second-class humans by implicating that only "dirty" or "immoral" or "low/no-class" people agree to be recorded nude.

Now, the statement that privacy is an illusion is correct. And, there is something to be said for being cautious about what platform said data resides on. But let me ask you this: do you really want a society where everyone has to conform to one narrow "safe" standard in order to be respected and safe? And where anyone who doesn't confirm is automatically labeled as being "stupid" or "bad"? Because that is the philosophical implication of the statement and attitude you're proposing. Or, do you want a society where people are free to do what they want, and where consequences are expected and delivered--not just for the person who takes a nude selfie, but for the hacker who decides to take that data and do illegal things with it?

Yeah, maybe putting nude selfies on a cloud platform as a hot young starlet wasn't a technologically savvy thing to do--but those women don't deserve blame or condemnation. Rather, we should be hunting those revenge porn bastards down and subjecting them to the full force of the law, because now those of us with girlfriends (or boyfriends) who like to send us sexy pictures will have to do without because said significant other is now worried about those photos getting hacked. And I can easily do without seeing Jennifer Lawrence naked if that's the price I have to pay for ensuring sexting continues.

Comment: Who will come to the defense of 4Chan? (Score 4, Insightful) 220

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Even though 4Chan can rightly be considered the black hole of the internet, it can also be argued that 4Chan is one of the greatest bastions of free speech we have. If enough oppositional clout arises to seriously threaten a shutdown of 4Chan, is there a defense plan? Or a back-up plan? I would hate to see it go away without some sort of fight, or a way to resurrect it somewhere else.

Comment: Y'all stop to realize that you're the problem? (Score 1) 579

by Xaedalus (#47784685) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

Have either of you read your responses on this thread? Your back-and-forth arguing on the issue, employing various debate tactics and resorting to name-calling and other nastiness? What you're doing is representative of what men do on the internet, and a very good reason why there are little to no women here, or on Wikipedia


Both of you are representative of the actual problem. Have y'all ever been on Pinterest or on a women-dominated post on Facebook? There's none of this argumentative debate theatrics crap. Instead, women tend to be more social and cooperative, and when they do disagree, they tend to do so in mild terms while giving ample credence to the possibility of having been wrong. Compare this with Wikipedia or especially /., where a flame war breaks out just about every hour on various edits. Men tend to imbue their posts with the righteousness of true Alpha Male status. And then when another man challenges or rebuts, we whip out our penises and flog both our keyboards and the internet with our righteous hairy sausages of justice until the inevitable Hitler ejaculation erupts. It's no wonder women tend to shy away from Wikipedia, /., and most male-dominated job fields in Tech. They don't want to participate in being antagonistic status jockeys--and when we do stop doing so, women are able to come in and do some amazing work.

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I do it on occasion to fulfill the need to pick a fight. Sometimes the aggression just comes surging forth and rather than go down to a bar or a club and risk life, limb, and jail time, I come on here or on other sites to troll. Not saying I'm proud of it, but getting into a rhetorical fight is almost as satisfying as getting into a physical fight. I don't care about politics or philosophy, I just focus on some guy (usually another troll) who's a little too certain for my tastes, and go at it. Then afterwards, win or lose (and I lose a LOT more than I win, but that isn't the point), I feel better and I'm able to rejoin the real world and be decent and human and polite.

I'm not saying I'm evil or sociopathic, I'm just saying I troll because sometimes a man has just gotta get into a fight. Given that, sometimes I think the trolls over on Jezebel are doing the same thing... they're not necessarily misogynistic so much as itching for a fight with their female counterparts.

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