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Comment: Re:All aboard the FAIL train (Score 1) 540

by smooth wombat (#49613641) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Bid For White House
Or maybe just ignored all warning signs and calls for help... denied doing so...

Which are of course patently false. Even the first Republican-led investigation stated as much and a former member of the CIA who was involved with the investigation categorically stated no such orders were ever given.

Even those in the military who were on stand by said no such order to stand down were ever given.

But hey, anything to keep the lie alive, right?

Comment: Re:No matter what Uber says ... (Score 1) 174

You forgot to add that people who are employed by Uber need to be investigated to make sure they have the added insurance required when you are transporting people for money.

What should happen is insurance companies should use the service then cross-reference the driver with their insurance policy. If they don't have the required insurance, send them a bill.

Same goes for the state department of revenue. Since these people are operating a business they need to claim the money on their tax returns, though they can still deduct expenses just like any other business.

Comment: Re:Not sure this is deserved in this case (Score 1) 437

by smooth wombat (#49584537) Attached to: Rand Paul Moves To Block New "Net Neutrality" Rules
Less government regulation is pretty much what Libertarianism is all about, so this is more him sticking true to his ideals.

Except this the government going back and undoing what it had previously done. Originally ISPs were to be treated as common carriers but the government got bigger by using its power to say they weren't common carriers.

If the government had the power to say ISPs weren't common carriers, it most certainly has the power to say they are. No contradiction or overstepping of authority.

Comment: Re:Why would a non-sports person have cable? (Score 1) 329

by smooth wombat (#49563231) Attached to: ESPN Sues Verizon To Stop New Sports-Free TV Bundles

The sports thing is only really important to me during college football season, other than that, I don't watch it.

Ditto. That and Formula 1 as well. Those are really the only two sports I would regularly watch. When the World Cup comes around I would watch that as well.

Aside from that, don't really care to watch any other sports. As Homer said when he was at a baseball game after he had given up drinking beer, "I never realized how boring this game is."

Comment: Re:Curse you, Entropy! (Score 1) 483

It's the same mentality which claims recycling aluminum cans is more costly, in every sense, than getting the raw materials and making the can in the first place.

Anything to justify how evil not continuing down our current path is because if it can be shown through evidence that recycling or alternative fuels provide the same benefits we enjoy now with substantially reduced costs and/or environmental effects, their political agenda will be shown for the farce it is.

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