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Comment Just another example of useless insurance (Score 1) 100

How much do you think Cox has been paying their insurer? How long has Cox been paying their insurer?

Now when they need it, the insurer gives them the big middle finger.

Just goes to show what a scam insurance is. You pay, and pay, and pay, and pay, all for nothing.

Cox would have been better off keeping the money they paid for insurance. At lest then they would have gotten some use from it.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 2) 582

Ahh, sorry. I thought you might have been but considering the number of people on here who toss out the ridiculous, "It's free!" when obviously someone has to pay for it, I wasn't sure.

As you can see, those same people who claim everything is free don't like when it's pointed out forcing people to pay money does make something free.

I would hardly consider paying over $3K per year to see a doctor once every other year to be free.

Comment It's their job! (Score 1) 192

It doesn't matter whether they want to do it or not, it's their job to make the software ready for customers.

If customers want a better UI and, oh the horror, a more intuitive interface, then guess what. You're a developer. That's what you're going to develop.

Would be nice if these developers who talking about paying high salaries for good developers would show some evidence for this need because all I keep seeing on here are people who whine about having to do their job.

Comment Re:Volvo says it will be liable for any accidents (Score 1) 154

So what if say due to a software error a small kid gets miss identified as safe to run over and car does that and keeps on going that is hit and run a felony + felony manslaughter.

No, it's called Natural Selection. The kid shouldn't have been in the road in the first place.

Comment Re:So you refused healthcare? (Score 1) 161

or you don't buy it and you're a freeloader off other people's taxes.

As usual you are assuming someone can't pay their own bills. Instead of thinking positive, that the person has taken responsibility for themselves and planned ahead by having money put aside, you're assuming all people are complete idiots and thus necessary to make everyone suffer by forcing them to hand over their money to a private company.

Just goes to show how ridiculous your argument is when one considers how many people are now freeloading off other people's taxes through subsidies. Instead of a small percentage having to be propped up by the taxpayers we now have millions being propped up by the taxpayers.

Mighty fine logic you have.

Comment So Uber is a taxi company (Score 2) 83

Taxi hailing platform Uber. . .

So Uber is admitting it's a taxi service but doesn't believe it has to abide by rules for taxi companies, nor do its drivers who don't have a business license or insurance to protect their passengers.

Good to know people can make up whatever shit they want. I think I'll open a theme park, with blackjack and hookers, and call it recreation sharing. I'll make a ton of money since I won't have to worry about paying taxes or dealing with any ridiculous licensing or permits.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1, Insightful) 351

You can't argue that the Israel is allowed to conquer another people's land while simultaneously claiming the other people aren't allowed to fight back.

Sure they can. It's done all the time. It's called hypocrisy.

Israel will trot out how horribly the Jews have suffered over time (which obviously they have). Then, once they are the majority, they turn around and do the exact same thing which was done to them claiming some kind of moral high ground or religious justification.

Then, when you call them out for throwing people off their land and stealing the land for Jewish settlers, when they sit back and let Jews destroy Palestinian property, when mother and child are burned alive by Jews, when Israel refuses to grant building permits to Palestinians living in Israel, when Israel controls another country's borders and decides when and if to give them collected taxes, the first words out of their mouths are, "Anti-semite!"

When the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto fought back against the Nazi repression, they're heroes. When the Palestinians fight back against Israeli repression and occupation, they're terrorists.

Comment Shiny loses out again (Score 2) 576

The new improved code uses fancy stuff that wants magical built-in compiler support

Imagine that. Someone thinking, "Ohhh, shiny! Let's try this because it's new and cool."

Instead of, "I need something to get the job done in the simplest fashion."

There's a reason analog light switches are still around. They just work. No bullshit about having to talk to a computer to decide what to do. Clean and simple. Just like code should be.

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