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Comment: It's not dead, it's fun! (Score 5, Informative) 405

by X-Power (#38457788) Attached to: Is Overclocking Over?

For me, It's fun and I could care less what some dude did with liquid nitrogen.

First computer, I just used Asus Overclock and felt I got more for my money.
Second computer, I started fiddling with manual settings.
Third computer I pushed it until I couldn't get rid of the heat with air cooling.
Fourth and current computer, water cooled and running awesome (6 cores at 4.3 GHz).

Each time I felt the progress, it's like leveling your character, but the character is you, and the game is real life!

Comment: Re:Khan Academy Can't Even Teach Calculus (Score -1) 92

by X-Power (#37969012) Attached to: Grant To Allow Khan Academy To Expand, Build a Physical School

This isn't for college-level calculus teachers....

This is for those kids that tried your course and didn't understand shit.
Key concepts that just didn't make it into their brains can now be smoothed out instead of being a huge gap in the course ware.
Kinda understanding some few key concepts which allows you to grasp the whole better is better than not understanding a few key concepts and getting hung up on it and failing everything.

Comment: Love and Tender Care (Score -1) 499

by X-Power (#37557262) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Long-Term Video/Picture Storage?

That is the solution.

It doesnt matter how you choose to backup your data.
What matters is that you dont just put it there and forget it.

If this was me, I would get 5-6 drives in a nice little NAS box with a RAID that doesnt let a dead disk ruin the whole thing.
Look over the drives and replace them as time goes by.

Every few years, buy a new NAS box to make sure you have newest chipsets etc.

If you analyse anything, you destroy it. -- Arthur Miller