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Comment Re:How do they fare in colder climates? (Score 1) 858 858

On the coldest day last year (sub 0F), my Volt had about 25 miles range. In the spring, with mild temperatures, I can get 40 miles. In the summer, with temps up to 100F, I get about 35-37 miles. It drives fantastic on the snow, as the batteries provide even weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

I am never concerned about range, as I have a tank of gas as backup. I try to avoid using gas, not only to be green, but I am a cheap bastard and do not want to spend 3 the fuel cost for gas.

Comment Re:Risk vs. Reward (Score 1) 227 227

That is why I do it on my tablet and not my phone. Worse case scenario, I have to restore a backup from the week before. The day I give notice is the day I remove the corporate software. The convenience of using the tablet over having to boot up the work laptop all the time outweighs the minor convenience.

Comment Re:Risk vs. Reward (Score 1) 227 227

Yeah, exactly. My employer has policies regarding using personal devices for work: Namely password protect, don't root, and agree to remote wipe.

You cannot use your work laptop for personal use, but as long as it does not affect your productivity, then you can use your own device at work for personal use.

Comment No shit. (Score 1) 327 327

Disclaimer: the study was funded by Adblock Plus.

Well, they needed the study for that.

You could have also asked any long-term power-users from the times of dial-up Internet.

Back then I ran a NAT + Squid web proxy + custom ad-cutting rules in Squid, and it was reducing the amount of traffic by pretty hefty margin. In fact, it was so much, that some ad-laden web sites were actually becoming responsive. And no endless "Waiting for ..." messages in the status bar. (Granted, pretty quickly the ad agencies invested in the capacities and stopped being the bottleneck, but still they were a huge drain on the bandwidth.)

Today, I use AdBlock with rather long list of JavaScript blocking rules. Makes some unusable web-sites actually useful. Previously it was the limited bandwidth of the modem lines. Today it is literally seconds some websites take to render (while CPU is at 100% load; that actually bothers me more). The only problem that in the past I could reliably block the offenders, today I cannot: JavaScript and HTML5 shit is totally different ballpark and at times I wish all the hipster "web-developers" would just die.


Black Phosphorus Could Spur the Next Wave of Tiny Transistors 35 35

Zothecula writes: Researchers at McGill University and Université de Montréal have provided insight into another promising candidate that could help chip designers keep pace with Moore's Law: black phosphorus — a stable form of the element that can be separated into individual atomic layers, known as phosphorene (abstract). "Phosphorene has sparked growing interest because it overcomes many of the challenges of using graphene in electronics. Unlike graphene, which acts like a metal, black phosphorus is a natural semiconductor: it can be readily switched on and off." This new research found that "electrons are able to be pulled into a sheet of charge which is two-dimensional, even though they occupy a volume that is several atomic layers in thickness." It's an important step toward developing a manufacturing process for transistors made of this material.

Comment Re:Win7 is likely to be my last Windows (Score 1) 302 302

Under Windows you have Autohotkey, which I used for a number of things in the XP days such as hotkeys to change display gamma, sound volume, instantly launch a terminal etc.

A fellow AHK user here too.

Windows is ridiculously crippled for some things but it can have its own very powerful things. Another example was a freeware to minimize windows to the system tray, it could be configured so that a middle click on the minimize button does it. Under linux this will be impossible, funnily, or non trivial to do and it's certainly desktop or WM specific.

Frankly, I never had this kind of problems under Linux.

For simple reason that on Linux virtual desktops are standard feature since early days, and allow you to manage any number of applications, spread any number of desktops.

Better yet, they allowed since early days to have literally a direct keyboard shortcut to the desired application (or combination of applications): a shortcut to switch to the virtual desktop where the application is running. (For which Win-<n> is really a poor substitute.)

On Windows, you have everything packed on single screen, into a single task bar. Anything helping to manage this mess helps. But on Linux, the problems the tricks solve often have better solutions or simply non-existent.

But sure as hell, AHK on Linux would have been nice. But I mostly use it on Windows to "fix" the "broken" applications. E.g. I can play/pause VLC with a mouse click on the video, something I would definitely miss after the move to Linux. (But it is not all that bad. There are also GUI automation tools under Linux: Autokey (an attempt to reimplement the AHK on Linux), wmctrl, xdotool.)

Comment Re:Win7 is likely to be my last Windows (Score 1) 302 302

There is nothing that you can do in Bash that can't be done easier and faster in PowerShell. I guess you're just not a programmer so you don't understand it.

Man, I do Unix (and shells) for something like 15 years now. Before that 5 years Windows.

From all your words I can see that you simple failed to grasp what Unix shell is.

And yes, you can do image manipulation directly in PowerShell. It gives complete access to the entire Windows API.

Which is the whole point of the suckage of the PowerShell.

And the quirky syntax, as if they wanted to make sure that the developers would suffer just like they did with VB.

This is how I know you've never touched it. You don't even know basic information like this. Just stick with your simplistic UNIX shell, because you're obviously incapable of handling PowerShell.

I did actually handled PowerShell, though stupid security policies make it a non-starter in enterprise and limit its usefulness to developer workstations. You can't run PS1 files out of box == Universally useless.

Otherwise, I have failed to see anything new in the PowerShell beside the retarded reinvention of the "host VB".

They had a clean start - a rare and real chance to do it right - and they still have came up with that atrocity.

And even at the VB emulation, the Perl with Win32::OLE beats PowerShell handily. Because it is real programming language and the Win32::OLE gives pretty much unlimited access to every Windows capability.

Comment Re:Win7 is likely to be my last Windows (Score 1) 302 302

Never heard of PowerShell, eh? Bash is extremely weak and lame by comparison.

LOL. Heard. Tried. Dismissed it. Definitely a tool for VB aficionados.

Anyone comparing a Unix shell to PowerShell is either illiterate or hasn't mastered the Unix shell. (Especially Bash, which not only Turing complete (aka "real programming language") but in recent version even supports the associative arrays. IMO redundant, but nice.)

Also, what does any of this have to do with the look of the GUI? Move goalposts much?

It's not the look of the user interface. It is about how the different user interfaces change what information is accessible via them.

Even your PowerShell, for example, when working with files, as retarded as that whole idea is, provides much much more meta data to crunch compared to the GUI of the (file) Explorer. But PowerShell, no matter how hard you try, can't display the thumbnails of the image files.

Comment Re:Win7 is likely to be my last Windows (Score 1) 302 302

because you rarely see the OS anyway

That is true of any area of work, if you are working correctly.

Not so fast.

Under Linux, a terminal with the standard shell is immensely powerful tool.

On Windows there is simply no alternative. And if you use the huge big name tool - PhotoShop or Visual Studio - then the OS is useless to you anyway, since Windows provides only bare/no tools for the specialized tasks. And the big tools tend to eventually reimplement huge chunks of the OS inside of them, making the user often oblivious to the OS.

On Linux, you (can) have bunch of command line tools. And you can do (and automate) one hell out of literally any specialized (or generic) task using the same OS interface: the shell.

Taking DTP as an example, one of the first times I have seen Linux outside my office was a publishing agency. They had used the GIMP scripting interface from the command line to automate processing of the huge batches from the photoshoots. (PhotoShop gained the batch capabilities much much later.)

Under Windows, it might be true that seeing the OS means you are doing something wrong or inefficiently. But under Linux, the OS is a huge bonus.

Comment Re:Win7 is likely to be my last Windows (Score 2) 302 302

I create graphics for educational materials.

DTP was always a branch on its own. Most of the time you just start PhotoShop/etc, and pretty much never switch to another application. I'm not sure how Win8 could have improved (or changed) your workflow, because you rarely see the OS anyway.

In a way, it is similar to the Internet surfing workflow. The only time you see or use the OS is to start the browser. After that, everything is done inside the browser, which is largely OS independent and can be used to the same effect under literally any OS.

... when fits of creativity run strong, more than one programmer or writer has been known to abandon the desktop for the more spacious floor. -- Fred Brooks