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Comment Re:Hardware Companies & Telecoms Have Too Much (Score 1) 131 131

It seems like you can't just buy an unlocked phone and use it in Canada. Is that correct?

Yes yoou can, in fact, most carrier will give you a 10% rebate on your plan if you bring your own unlocked phone

Otherwise I can't understand why so many people buy the phone from the carrier, considering what a terrible reputation they have.

Because most people are idiots

Comment Re:Hardware Companies & Telecoms Have Too Much (Score 3, Interesting) 131 131

The first thing I do when I get the phone is download the official image from Google and put it on my phone, that way I am confident that I don't have a firmware screwed by the carrier. I've been burned by Rogers with my first Nexus.

Comment Re:I must be missing something. (Score 1) 240 240

Sure there is. You swipe from the left side of the screen and all active background windows appear. You drag the little window you want to kill across the screen and down to the bottom edge. Once you've done it a few times it's a simple swiping gesture.

And this is discoverable how ?

Do you even use Windows 8.1 on a tablet to know what you're talking about?? I'm on my second Windows tablet, because I decided I wanted a bigger 10" display and physical keyboard (got an Asus Transformer, old machine was a Venue 8 Pro)

Oh, so you are saying Windows 8.1 is for tablets only, not suitable for a desktop.

Comment Re:End of support, not "end of life". (Score 1) 156 156

When you can't log into your damn bank because it's said that IE6 is too old, your system is end-of-life. That's the end of it. Because to fix it, bodge it, fake it, or upgrade it costs more than just following the rest of the world in their lowest-accepted technology standard.

You can just install another browser that is more secure than ANY version of IE anyway, like Firefox or Chrome
Even better, install a secure OS :

Comment Re:Why to develop anything? (Score 3, Insightful) 184 184

I picked my two: reliable and simple. That's why I picked Debian.

I use Debian for the same reason

See init get complicated in the name of a faster boot gives me heartburn.

You need a system that boot fast when you reboot often. I don't care if my Linux system takes a couple seconds more to boot since I almost never reboot it.

Comment Re:Delphi has been dead for a long time (Score 2) 547 547

Has anyone seriously used this for anything other than writing Windows shareware in the 1990s?

Lots of big programs have been written in Delphi, the most famous one being Skype (before MS bought it and rewrote it. Note how it became huge and slow).

or had some way of using your existing C++ code they might have had a chance.

Delphi can actually compile C++ code.

Comment Re: Here's the solution (Score 2) 577 577

Whilst Linux and OS X have no registry to clog up things, running out of disk space is a lot more painful on *nix than it is on Windows.

If a Linux machine is left with zero space, it will still boot but you will not have any log of it since there is no space to write it.
If a Windows machine is left with zero space, it will fail to boot.
So failing to boot is less painfull ?
Your logic escape me

Comment Re:Not worth it (Score 1) 251 251

I'll also note that Linux is by no means free of crappy packages. There are some great ones out there, to be sure -- but many distros bundle some substandard crap with them as part of the default install. I'll spend time on pretty much any Linux install I've set up pruning useless packages and replacing them with better alternatives.

One word : Debian

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it. -- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982