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Comment: Snake Oil with an Exception (Score 1) 418

I rather like their DragonFly USB DAC/amp. Granted, I didn't pay anywhere near $250+ for it, but for the ~$75 I got it for, it's nice, sounds good and is portable. My other choices for use with my work provided laptop were the usual Schiit stack and Monoprice desktop amp (11567), but the DragonFly won out on simplicity.

Comment: Re:$500 per card or per household? (Score 2) 227

What on earth are you smoking? A decently clocked i3 is sufficient (CPU-wise) for the vast majority of games. A 6-year old i5/i7 would even suffice. GPU? $200 for an R9 290, $120 for an R9 280X. That's not expensive at all for (TRUE) 1080p gaming.

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