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Comment Repost of a Good Quote from /. (Score 1) 305

The problem in the U.S. is not people who don't have skills. People have skills. The problem is that skills aren't valued. If you have skills, you will get paid shit. If you manipulate money, you will get paid a lot. This is why there's been such a geek brain drain into the financial industry. The U.S. does not value working for a living. We value gambling for a living.

Comment Re:I hope they realize... (Score 1) 264

It's not so much being flippant as it is being sad reality.
~$250K is the "new" true starting 6-figure income
$100K isn't sh*t nowadays (eg. IC physical design jobs have been hovering around $100K since 2000. Don't tell me inflation has not taken its toll in the last decade and a half)

Comment Re:When do we get a real boost over 2013 speeds? (Score 1) 126

Wait another half a decade. A Haswell 4770K maxed out at ~4.5GHz (typical max if you do not delid) works out to be ~= 5.6GHz Nehalem i7. This is absolute crap if you consider that it was pretty much 5 years from Nehalem to Haswell, but I needed to upgrade some machines (i7 920 @ 4.1GHz) so went with Haswell and got only a 37% boost in absolute OCed performance for my trouble.

Comment Nanophotonic WG (Score 2) 26

The waveguide has a very small cross-section. Wonder how they coupled fiber to the ports. End-fire coupling directly to a fiber would be horrendously inefficient, since minimizing coupling loss requires both a good spatial overlap of the mode profiles and a good match of the effective refractive indices in the two waveguides.

Comment Head Up Ass (Score 1) 65

It's taking them ages to admit that the vanilla 840 has the same problem. Just like the silent data corruption firmware problem with their 2TB Spinpoint F4, which they purported to have fixed (just like the 840 EVO). Now before you mark me as a troll / flamebait, know that I do like some of Samsung's storage products. I have a bunch of 1TB Spinpoint F1, 1TB Spinpoint F3 and 512GB 840 Pro drives, all performing brilliantly and reliably.

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