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Comment: PaRaNoId FrEaKs (Score 1) 196

by WhipItGood (#35673792) Attached to: FCC Giving Away Wi-fi Routers For Broadband Tests

This white box has already produced great results. My crappy Internet connection improved 2 days after I was informed via email from Sam Knows that my ISP (Cox Communications) had been informed that I was participating in the trial. AWESOME! It's been running great for two months hence. That's been worth the price of admission already.

So I have questions for you paranoid freaks. What makes you think your off-the-shelf POS router doesn't already include government spyware? Oh, right, because you immediately flashed the firmware and installed dd-wrt. And you don't think that government scriptgrammers with unmentionable agencies haven't already checked in code to the latest development build? And while you're reading through the source code trying to find unmentionable hard-coded IP addresses pointing to servers running in data centers that don't exist, don't you think the warm silicon slamming bits through your router has the very logic you are searching for burned within?

Boo! Don't look behind you.

+ - Facebook Kills Popular "Lite" Version-> 1

Submitted by
halcyon1234 writes "Without ceremony, warning, or any sort of given reason, Facebook has shut down Facebook Lite. Facebook lite was a trimmed down and less cluttered version of the main site. Facebook says they have "learned a lot from the test of a slimmed-down site", but has not given any indication what that knowledge will be used for."
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+ - Anti-Cancer Agent Stops Metastasis In Its Tracks->

Submitted by Anomalyst
Anomalyst (742352) writes "Mice were implanted with cancer. The control group died as it metastasized The experimental group was treated with macroketone and survived a normal lifespan. While the cancer was not cured, metastasis was significantly (over 80%) inhibited. Even after metastasis had begun and additional cancers developed, macroketone inhibited subsequent metastasis. Original is in NATURE behind a paywall"
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+ - Miniature Flying Robot Captures Drug Lord

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Just found this cool story about a flying robot that's helped bring down a drug lord. It's a small helicopter that police used to fly deep into the jungle and take pictures of a drug lord's compound:
"The Aeryon Scout — a small, lightweight mini-helicopter that is remote-controlled from the ground by computer — was able to provide visual surveillance of a suspected narcotic trafficker's compound deep in the jungle..."
"This might sound like a plot from a TV show like CSI or 24, but it's a real-life application of our robotic technology," said Dave Kroetsch, President of Aeryon Labs. "This is what the Scout was designed for: providing aerial intelligence in settings too challenging or dangerous for humans to venture into."

Too bad they're cancelling 24, I would have loved to see Jack Bauer use one of these!"

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