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Comment Enthusiasm for today's launch at Vandenberg (Score 1) 118

Was on Ocean Avenue this morning for today's launch, and although you didn't see the rocket go up this time (too foggy), the thing that made me the happiest was all the 20 year old people out there today (a lot from SpaceX as from their jackets) watching the event also. Ton's more people out there today than an average launch there! I am so glad at least there is a new generation of people who are genuinely interested in space, the development of new space technology, and working for a place which they are interested in. This is so refreshing from the aerospace I've known before...

Comment FTFA a big laugh (Score 1) 153

"There is no quicker way to disrupt this vibrancy that is creating the greatest TV programming in the world than for the government to try and fix something that isn't broken," said Brian Dietz, a spokesman for the National Cable & Telecommunications Assn. trade group.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (pounds table) HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ... oh ah wow good one...

The Verizon FIOS Arris media set top box is the biggest piece of shit ever. Shittiest programming. Just try to change a channel, and watch the how long it takes for the box to respond. Try to enter a number and watch digits drop. Glitches galore in the video too. And just TRY, yes TRY to call Verizon on it and see if they give a shit. Yeah some vibrancy and user experience. The only thing vibrating is in the CEO's wallet.

Comment Re:How long will the company stay up? (Score 1) 494

So to summarize:
1. Ford/GM/Chrysler continues to build huge diesel trucks which are driven as commuter cars and spew 10x the pollutants (which I have to breath while sitting at a stop light on my bicycle), no problem
2. GM knowingly kills 143, eh
3. VW cheats on smog test, OH MY GOD THE HUMANITY!

What is wrong with this picture?

Comment Re:Fraud Opposed to the Ideals of Nerddom (Score 2) 317

This practice, how despicable it may be, is now commonplace.

And THAT is why I think 99% of on-line ""reviews"" aren't worth wiping my ass with. Most of on-line reviews these days pretty much are either shills or have some emotional problem which translates into inexplicable hatred towards some inanimate object or establishment.

Comment Gas powered generator trailer as range extender? (Score 0) 229

What are the engineering limitations as to why electric vehicles do not have the ability to add a trailer which has a gas powered generator to extend the range? If a generator trailer were available for long drives(which pretty much all extended range use cases fall into), then wouldn't this take the "range anxiety" issue out of the picture?

Comment Stock market? (Score 1) 271

What I am wondering is WHY all the articles (not just about Google) on how "businesses are ""failing"" " when all these businesses are posting 10-20% growth, yet some analyst says it's "bad" and so stocks get hit on that. Everything from Cheesecake Factory or Chipotle failing (while people are lined up to say "shut up and take my money") to a list of other businesses are getting these same "analyst reports" which are saying businesses are failing. Are these stock analysts trying to push some narrative to make stocks go down???

Comment Re:I don't think that's quite right. (Score 3, Interesting) 324

In Windows, you don't need elevated privileges to install an application to a user-specific location.

Where have you been? Unless you're deploying "Hello world" written in C++, it is certain you're going to have to distribute some library which insists of being installed in the system area along with registry entries. Therefore you will have to have admin privileges. Heck even just copying to Program Files takes admin privileges starting with Windows 7.

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