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Comment Gas powered generator trailer as range extender? (Score 0) 229

What are the engineering limitations as to why electric vehicles do not have the ability to add a trailer which has a gas powered generator to extend the range? If a generator trailer were available for long drives(which pretty much all extended range use cases fall into), then wouldn't this take the "range anxiety" issue out of the picture?

Comment Stock market? (Score 1) 271

What I am wondering is WHY all the articles (not just about Google) on how "businesses are ""failing"" " when all these businesses are posting 10-20% growth, yet some analyst says it's "bad" and so stocks get hit on that. Everything from Cheesecake Factory or Chipotle failing (while people are lined up to say "shut up and take my money") to a list of other businesses are getting these same "analyst reports" which are saying businesses are failing. Are these stock analysts trying to push some narrative to make stocks go down???

Comment Re:I don't think that's quite right. (Score 3, Interesting) 324

In Windows, you don't need elevated privileges to install an application to a user-specific location.

Where have you been? Unless you're deploying "Hello world" written in C++, it is certain you're going to have to distribute some library which insists of being installed in the system area along with registry entries. Therefore you will have to have admin privileges. Heck even just copying to Program Files takes admin privileges starting with Windows 7.

Comment Re:About Fucking Time (Score 2) 435

Only President Obama could get gas to $2.50

Really? Really? Please explain how this happened. First of all, the current cheap gas has all to do with OPEC and NOTHING to do with Obama. Seems to me that between the Keystone Pipeline / recent EPA rulings / ethanol mandates, Obama has been trying to make gasoline MORE expensive, not cheaper!

Comment Spent 100 million on what? (Score 3, Interesting) 87

Hydrogen stations in California have had a choppy rollout. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) first created the "hydrogen highway" concept in 2004 by executive order and budgeted $15 million for hydrogen demonstration projects, stations and buses through 2008. Schwarzenegger increased spending in 2007, signing A.B. 118, which provided roughly $90 million for hydrogen through this year. A bill that Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed last year, A.B. 8, reformed the funding process, allocating $20 million per year through 2023 or until 100 stations are built.

So CA has spent $100 million so far, and all we have are 10 stations? Where did all the money go?

Comment Re:Democrats voted (Score 1) 932

How to get a Democrat into office

1) Get open primary so Democrats can vote for the biggest loser of the Republicans. Don't worry, the hand picked Democrat runner in the primary won't get kicked out.

2) In general election (especially in CA where only the top two can be in), point out what a loser the Republican is.

3) Sit back and relax while Democrat candidate is sworn in (probably again).

Yes, interesting

Comment Supplement instead of replace (Score 1) 363

What if an electric car would have a space for this battery and a driver would only install this type of battery when going on a long drive (i.e., supplement the existing Li battery infrastructure instead of replacing it)??? That way you would have the best of both worlds, quick charging lithium batteries for short trips and alum. battery for long trips. Yes, the downside is more space reserved for batteries instead of cargo, but I think I would be willing to work with that... I can easily see installing this battery right before a long trip and returning it after the trip is finished.

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