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Comment A lot of it has to do... (Score 1) 292

With the security in the car. Regardless of what they tell you all new cars have GPS, record your every move, and record the care you take to keep up the car (for warranty and engine service needs) . If they call you crazy when they tell you they don't do this.... think again. This is why they don't want you tinkering under the hood. Chances are it would be the first things disabled.

Comment Re:So let me understand this... (Score 1) 156

"We also know that China companies in general have ... different ... ideas about intellectual property."

Yes everyone knows this, and companies in America still keep China in business. If you visit China or YT you can find many videos on YT showing counterfeit shops, and goods. /ahem They even have a Hilton! This guy on YT said it's much better to visit these shops in person.

                              "And so, anyone who is surprised that "knock-offs" start appearing nearly simultaneously with launch, should be beaten with a switch and made to sit
                                in the corner. Hell, the "knock-offs" could have been made at the same factory."

Good chance it probably was the same factory. The ones that can reverse engineer and do it cheaply are the very companies that America runs too.

  When you tell America that China are the guilty ones for taking American jobs...well it's taken longer than we thought for America to realize that China is stealing from them. So how long do you think it will take for America to realize that China stole our jobs?

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 4, Interesting) 282

"That said, it's a short term fix. As burglars become more aware of the presence of cameras, they'll start wearing a mask just like folk robbing stores and banks where CCTV is expected already do."

In my area cameras are everywhere. Placing the camera is just as important as the camera you buy. Many try and think they out witted the camera just to find out they didn't and went to jail anyways. In my area alone which is a diverse neighborhood price wise etc, we have had many burglaries solved, and a home invasion because of a camera carefully placed.

"encourage an opportunistic thief to go next door if they can see cameras outside your house, but equally you might just be advertising that you have stuff worth stealing."

Not true ! Don't underestimate the stupidity of a thief. Advertise cameras regardless if you have them or not. Advertise live feed online also. It makes no difference around here. Born stupid is always stupid.

They showed footage of a burglar looking for a ADT system pad, and what the guy should of been doing is looking for the cameras. Another came to the front door in all their glory and knocked 30 minutes before a home invasion with his buddy's. After spraying two cameras out front which were wired he never thought there may be a camera or two that was not wired.

Comment Re:LOL! (Score 1) 116

Apparently that does not mean much to Anthem. Since Anthem wants to play hardball, and brazen enough to tell the Feds no. Then I suggest the Audit should happen. Perhaps if the public were to be notified that Anthem is no longer accredited, or secure they will change their tune? We have to test out the data protection laws on someone, Anthem looks to be the one to test on. They brought it on themselves.

I would not back down until they were audited. Sorry but personal records are at stake.

Comment Meh China (Score 1) 266

I welcome the day that the FTC actually holds them accountable, and fines the crap out of them. But that will not happen because the last ten or so years China has become the god of exports. They export everything including the fake crap, and the crap that contains enough toxins to ruin kids the rest of their lives. China must be proud of themselves. They would have to be how else can you explain their junk coming over to the USA in record numbers, and the US citizens buying it right and left without even looking at the label, or asking the right questions? Like for instance why is China's goods so much cheaper than anyone else's? How can China get away with shipping goods to the US full of toxins and not suffer any consequences? There is enough stupidity, greed, and ignorance to go around. To tell you the truth I don't know who's bumper to kick anymore. Set up your provisions and line up ...this will take a long time.

Comment They got off lite (Score 1) 129

$600,000 is cheap considering they made millions blocking private Wi-Fi from one of their main hotels which was a magnet for business. Oh and the word "presumably" should not of been used. They blocked it to make money plain and simple. They can't use any type of excuse 1. They blocked it 2. They got caught next and last... 3. They asked the FCC for permission to block. Maybe they thought the FCC would feel sorry for them who knows. I don't feel sorry for them, and their fine would of been no less than 6 figures if I was the FCC. Whats with all of these fines these days? A business can walk away barely being tapped on the wrist, and their wallet is never really screaming for mercy. Bunch of babies. That is what is wrong, and why Corps feel like they can get away with anything.

Submission + - Your days are numbered, so long PIN (ncr.com) 1

WeeBit writes: Everyone knows what a PIN is. For those that are unfortunate not to know, it is that four digit number you punch in during money transactions. NCR is saying the PIN has reached the end of it's usefulness. So it will be replaced by another secure method. They mention biometric technology like the thumb print and vein methods that seem to be gaining popularity in areas around the globe because of their convenience. Are the methods too personal? Do you agree with their findings that the PIN is dead? Can't wait to try the new technology?

Submission + - Asking Slashdot for ideas to help Fix online Security in Business (cnet.com)

WeeBit writes: You can't get through the week without hearing about a business that was compromised. I don't have all of the answers and because this is such a large task I am not sure if any one person would be able to solve it.

My own idea is to solve it at the server or workstation before the data leaves and travels over the Internet. Which means certain data would never been seen because the computer calling the data is either not local, or is not showing the right computer name, similar etc. But they can still call up certain data, but only be permitted to the data perhaps in a a certain size allocated. Basically only local has access to large chunks, or multiple users. I believe this would have to be programmed and there would be different types to handle different type of businesses. Or work in the same manner as like maybe an anti-virus software does, or firewall. Checking to see what computer is asking for the data etc.

I am not saying this will work, I am just saying that over the past years many have said it needs to be secure and having the general public to secure their own personal information will not work in a society that allows anyone to store your personal information. Banks, Healthcare, credit cards, your personal information is everywhere. So I believe the fix is in the Servers and workstations on how they handle this personal information.


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