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+ - Asking Slashdot for ideas to help Fix online Security in Business->

Submitted by WeeBit
WeeBit (961530) writes "You can't get through the week without hearing about a business that was compromised. I don't have all of the answers and because this is such a large task I am not sure if any one person would be able to solve it.

My own idea is to solve it at the server or workstation before the data leaves and travels over the Internet. Which means certain data would never been seen because the computer calling the data is either not local, or is not showing the right computer name, similar etc. But they can still call up certain data, but only be permitted to the data perhaps in a a certain size allocated. Basically only local has access to large chunks, or multiple users. I believe this would have to be programmed and there would be different types to handle different type of businesses. Or work in the same manner as like maybe an anti-virus software does, or firewall. Checking to see what computer is asking for the data etc.

I am not saying this will work, I am just saying that over the past years many have said it needs to be secure and having the general public to secure their own personal information will not work in a society that allows anyone to store your personal information. Banks, Healthcare, credit cards, your personal information is everywhere. So I believe the fix is in the Servers and workstations on how they handle this personal information.


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Comment: Re:Cheaper? Cheaper means only one thing. (Score 1) 610

by WeeBit (#48136941) Attached to: Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows
What will happen is (ahem) a few political advisers will claim the energy is expensive as in materials used, and maintenance etc. Plus they need more people to man them. They will make up all kinds of BS and a majority of the public will fall for it head first. Thus the price will be slightly higher in the States than overseas. After all we can't have wind energy take over until after all the oil is gone, and all those big suits have trillion$ in their bank accounts.

Comment: The people (Score 1) 174

by WeeBit (#47804467) Attached to: Tox, a Skype Replacement Built On 'Privacy First'
I discuss similar stuff with people. You have a few that don't care but you also have many that are getting wrong advice. Many were told that legally they can't highly secure their cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. Plus a few even said that to be as secure as possible will have them put under suspicion of illegal activities and they don't want that kind of attention.

I believe security is good if it accomplishes what it is intended for. But many that are not secure because for a decade they were told they were fine; "don't worry about it, you have all that you need". Now everything is turned upside down. Security is only good if it is used. Unless someone has a magic plan to get the public to use the new secure software that seems to be invented regularly for the past six to eight months, many of it may go obsolete before the first anniversary of the software arrives.

Comment: So we can say... (Score 1) 155

by WeeBit (#46969927) Attached to: Former NSA Director: 'We Kill People Based On Metadata'
They collected everything they could on us, and nothing we have is hidden. They have it all. Metadata can spotlight many things in a person. Their likes, dislikes health family banking, credit cards etc. Phone records and recording is nothing compared. I said before they have all of this and then some. I stand by what I say. They can write a book about you.

Now that new rules are in place I don't believe you are anymore private than you was before the new rules. The NSA is a very private entity. Security suppose to be top notch. Keeping things hush-hush is part of their job. So they very well could do this behind our backs, and we would be none the wiser. We only know what few areas we were told they are storing on us. But it's a lot. You don't think they need over one million square feet, and contain Four 25,000-square-foot facilities to house rows and rows of servers that can hold endless data just to store phone and Google searches do you? These are just the ones we know about.

Read between the lines.

Comment: hmm... (Score 1) 1

by WeeBit (#46236085) Attached to: Comcast to Acquire Time Warner Cable for $45 Billion
I wonder if the big cable companies have ever thought they might be doing a bad thing buying up all the other cable companies? Soon we will just have a couple to choose from, and if Comcast can buy out Time Warner the consumer choice will dwindle down to no choice. Who wants to pay for lousy expensive service that has poor support?

+ - Comcast to Acquire Time Warner Cable for $45 Billion-> 1

Submitted by davidannis
davidannis (939047) writes "

Comcast is expected to announce on Thursday an agreement to acquire Time Warner Cable for more than $45 billion in stock, a deal that would combine the biggest and second-biggest cable television operators in the country. For Comcast, which completed its acquisition of NBC Universal, the television and movie powerhouse, from General Electric less than a year ago, the latest deal would be its second big act to radically reshape the media landscape in the United States. And the merger is almost certain to bring to an end a protracted takeover battle that Charter Communications has been waging for Time Warner Cable.

For consumers, this means an even larger company with a reputation for poor customer service aggressively lobbying against things like net neutrality."
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Comment: Why give him clemency if you have own a nice bunch (Score 1) 573

by WeeBit (#45872851) Attached to: Counterpoint: Why Edward Snowden May Not Deserve Clemency
The US will not let Snowden have a free card. If they nab him it will be the last time the public will see him. If he is shot in a foreign country the US can deny and blame it on who ever they like. Might as well face it Snowden will be forever checking behind himself. He will never ever be a free man.

Comment: Even more better than Android... (Score 1) 564

by WeeBit (#45862523) Attached to: PC Makers Plan Rebellion Against Microsoft At CES
Window's and Linux Android and Apple is nothing more than a payola gateway for the Apps makers to bleed money out of their fan base at every turn. Want extra users? you get 3 extra for $2.99 and above. game tools you pay out the yang for. more board play? pay for it. It's getting ridiculous. Soon the masses will start paying attention to their bank accounts and see all those apple purchases and realize they are not worth it. I stopped dishing out the same month I was purchasing. Why? because many of those games are rigged. Watch your games when you first play without the pay you have moves you can do the game stays the same level through out your play. As soon as you put money down the game gets harder and very difficult to win. Even Rovio is getting in on the payola bandwagon. it won't last, and I don't see this move by the manufacturers being a win for anyone, including them. All anyone has done so far is let these Apps get out of hand. They soon will be making money by charging 99 cents just for you to download their stuff. Gone will be free. They will use such jargon as this allows you to receive updates or some crap they think up.

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