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Comment Re:I'm not a runner, but... (Score 2) 169

I wholeheartedly agree! Show me some science backing up this crazy belief that running with headphones is more dangerous than sitting on a sofa watching TV while eating a bag of chips. I always hear this belief but I never see any real hard facts. This is like being afraid of sharks when you are more likely to die slipping in your bathtub.

The fact that phones and music are banned in many marathons and branded Ironman events agravates me. Why can someone have a wrist computer and a bike computer but not a pocket computer? Why do they not want me to be able to communicate? I think a phone is nearly essential for safety's sake when you are out running or biking.

I am a triathlete. I run with my iPhone 5. The one with the size advantage of being small. It can last a 5 hour marathon. It lasts me for 6 hour bike rides. Sadly with IOS 9, in normal mode it will not last for an ironman, it can do a half, if you are fast enough, with gps and music. Put it in a plastic bag to protect it from sweat. Use bluetooth headphones that won't fall out your ears. Pay attention to your surroundings like a defensive driver. I like listening to music while I am running and biking just like people like to listen to music while they are in their car. I use my eyes and other senses to compensate for what my ears are missing. When I feel I need more situational awareness, I reduce the volume or take my headphones off.

Better yet, just outlaw music altogether. And the meek shall inherit the earth... ;)

Comment First Sitting president to Visit Alaska (Score 3, Informative) 389

Alaska is a huge expanse, over twice the size of Texas, constituting almost 18 percent of the land mass of the USA. Obama is the first sitting president to visit. Only like 750,000 people live there. Amazing.

At only 21000 feet, Denali doesn't even rank in Earth's highest (altitude) places. Remarkably it is in the top 3 for prominence. No longer will the mountain have to be referenced as "Denali (Mt. McKinley)" or "Mt. McKinley (Denali)". People will no longer have to explain the two names over and over and over.

If only he'd do something else reasonable like creating an executive order forcing the use of the metric system!

Comment Re:This run at driverless cars will fail (Score 1) 114

I took Sebastian Thrun's excellent class at Udacity concerning programming AI for self-driving cars. There were no neural networks involved. Basically, it is about using sensor data, known maps, and control of steering and velocity, to stay on the road while maintaining safe distances from other objects.

Comment Re:POTS security is broken. (Score 1) 193

Back in the day a call starts on a originating trunk/port and ends on a terminating trunk/port on a telecom switch. That term trunk can be a local trunk or a route to another switch. Today, I suppose, that inbound trunk could be the internet and the outbound trunk could be the internet as well. Also, the outbound trunk may be a long distance switch which may or may not be owned by the same carrier.

Each switch has a record of where the call came from and its disposition true for sure, matching one switch's records to another's is a relatively simple. If all of the switches are owned by the same company it is possible to match all the call records from multiple switches and have a complete record of the call. I know it's doable because I've done it. If not all switches are owned by the same carrier, it is probably very challenging, (unless something has changed over the years to increase record sharing or something which I belive carriers were loath to do), since you have to get records from all the carriers for the call. Now throw the internet-originated calls into the mix and it's going to be very challenging unless you are somehow listening to everything or have access to everyone's database.

Correct me if I am wrong as it has been quite a few years since I did this telecom stuff. I was only familiar with SS7 and ISDN; it's probably SS10 and ISDN++# today.

Comment Re:Hilarious! (Score 1) 220

A good leader leads to a good place. A bad leader to a bad place. Often a very good leader will make great personal sacrifices. How can a leader that leads to bad place be successful?

In a flock of seagulls or a bike peloton, the leader pulls until he can no longer pull well, then moves back so a fresh leader can arise, that way the group, including the leader, gets to the destination. In these cases the pack chooses the destination.

Leadership is not about power. Leadership is about getting there. A good leader takes you where you want to go.

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