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Comment To avoid a John Q scenario (Score 1) 159

If I wonder why calls to repeal US Medicaid entirely were not more widespread, even prior to the ACA. Perhaps the answer is that some level of government services, such as guaranteed health insurance, reduces the rate of violent crime to obtain those services by force. (Citation: the film John Q.)

Comment Did someone just admit to tax evasion? (Score 0) 37

Aside from the cost of gas and sales tax probably eating your savings on shipping

Gas perhaps, unless it's a trip you already made for another reason. Sales tax no, unless you're ordering from a dealer that has no nexus in your state and committing tax evasion in the use tax field of your tax return.

Besides which, if you planned your deployment thoroughly, instead of buying it piecemeal, you'd probably be over the $35 threshold anyway.

"Planning? In my home?" It's less likely than you think.

Comment Re:I'm pretty sure the interconnect bus is not the (Score 1) 104

A lot of this has to do with carrier certification

Why would an individual carrier, not the governing body of GSM, UMTS, and LTE, need to certify individual phones?

for the combinations of components, which go up by a power of two for each ne possible module you can plug in.

And why would they have to certify anything but the radio module?

Comment Health insurance (Score 1) 159

Increased health insurance premiums also cause problems for others, especially if a nationwide health care law forbids insurers to deny coverage for preexisting emphysema or preexisting nicotine dependence, and especially if the law includes a subsidy for people with an income in or near poverty to buy insurance.

Comment Deterrent tax (Score 1) 159

it is his problem regardless of if he even owns a dog. In which case, why limit the tax to dog owners?

Tax the people who cause the problem for others in order to encourage them to stop causing the problem for others. It's the same reason tobacco is taxed, as cigar and cigarette smoke causes medical problems for others. It's also the same reason motor fuel is taxed, as tailpipe emissions cause medical problems for cyclists and EV drivers, and road wear causes unevenness problems for cyclists and EV drivers.

Comment State lines (Score 1) 159

One thing Michigan has going for it is the 10 cent deposit on carbonated beverage containers

According to an otherwise pro-deposit bottle bill FAQ, deposit laws like this require people to return empty containers in the same state in which the beverage was purchased. This discriminates against people in a state temporarily, who may buy a beverage in one state, drive across state lines, and finish consuming it in a different state.

Comment N not the only publisher requiring stream royalty (Score 1) 93

Thats "one" persons opinion

Everything is one person's opinion until it's tested in a court of law. The article I linked states that such a case has been decided for board games, but not for video games.

Look, the only company that really doesn't care for streaming is Nintendo, goes to show just how stuck in the past they are.

From the article I linked: "Capcom can make you get a license for the 'public performance' of the game. In fact, that is exactly what Capcom does with for-profit tournaments" with games in the Street Fighter series. Blizzard likewise has tried to use copyright to give one Korean TV network exclusive rights to StarCraft II . Sega at one time did a massive takedown of its Shining RPG series on YouTube.

Streaming is built right in to the PS4 and Xbox One.

From the manual: "For some games, there might be scenes in which video cannot be recorded. The maximum 15 minutes of gameplay that are saved as a video clip do not include scenes in which video cannot be recorded. An icon is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen at the start and end of these scenes." This Ars Technica article agrees. Is a licensee allowed to designate the entire game as such a scene? Apparently so, according to this Polygon article and this reddit post.

Comment Re: I fucking hope so (Score 1) 103

But that IS the market. That IS capitalism. It's not some external, malign force: that's what the market is.

If you want it to actually be good, you're talking about some form of direction, oversight or regulation to stop obviously stupid or broken things from happening.

That's not a market anymore. The market is the thing that stampedes towards the stupid because everybody's doing it. See 'stock market'.

Maybe you just don't like capitalism as much as you thought you did! :)

Comment Client != potential client (Score 1) 182

"All"? Did you look that up

I was stating my interpretation of the featured article.

Based on the fact that not all airlines use Gogo

An airline that has already deployed a particular provider's service is a "client", not a "potential client". This means a "potential client" for ViaSat is an airline that 1. isn't already a ViaSat client and 2. isn't already in an exclusive contract with Gogo.

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