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Comment: steam (Score 1) 933

by Vorpix (#41166713) Attached to: How Apple Killed the Linux Desktop

this is silly. the linux desktop is far from dead and is only going to improve when A) people become disenfranchised with the direction Windows 8 is going, and B) people can buy and play all their games (and one day, other commercial applications) through Steam. I think Valve is providing the engine that will drive Linux desktop adoption.

Comment: good idea (Score 1) 262

by Vorpix (#40282585) Attached to: Universal Android Laptop Dock: Microsoft Nightmare, Or Toy?

this has a lot of potential... it gives the "laptop" experience the same flexibility that the "desktop" experience has in terms of reusing the keyboard/mouse/monitor. You buy the clamcase dock once, and may be able to use it for several phones as long as they all use a similar connector to dock with it, and you'd only need to replace that portion of it when it breaks, rather than pretty much every time you upgrade as you would on a laptop.

Comment: Re:"May cost"?? (Score 1) 591

by Vorpix (#37045592) Attached to: Old Arguments May Cost Linux the Desktop

why are people modding this up? i bet this guy had the same short-sighted view about the mobile market before Android came out and now is the market leader. as more and more applications are moving away from desktop apps to online based applications, it's certainly plausible that at some point in the future people will start asking why they are still paying for the privilege of an OS like Windows when everything they need to do on their computer takes place in their browser. and as the differences between "computers" and "phones" is continually blurred, how can you be so sure that at some point in the near future ChromeOS/Android won't become a dominant player on the "desktop"? that too is certainly plausible.

Comment: time (Score 1) 500

by Vorpix (#35357000) Attached to: The Decline and Fall of System Administration

this all comes down to time. i can reapply the data to a fresh VM image in a matter of hours and have it back up and running, pretty much without variation. hunting down a deep, dark problem can take 30 minutes or it might take days, and depending on the problem, that may simply be unacceptable.

the real skill is knowing when to pull the trigger on a rebuild vs knowing when it's something you can find and fix. hunting down problems and fixing them is something many sysadmins crave. at least VM's give us the ability to investigate the broken machine at our leisure, while a working VM can jump into production.

unless management wants to rely solely on rebuilds and the time investment it takes to do them every time, there will always be a need for sysadmins to analyze problems and figure out the "whys" and "hows" that caused them.

Comment: Foursquare (Score 1) 220

by Vorpix (#33277676) Attached to: Facebook Takes On FourSquare

i have been using foursquare for a long time and i absolutely love it. playing the meta-game of acquiring badges has motivated me to travel to all new places and discover things I may never have come across on my own. it's fun, and my buddies and i have gone on some road trips to see places we've found through foursquare to great success. if you have an actual social life, it can be great fun to find which bar or club your friends are at on any given night without having to contact everybody directly. it's nice the way it is. i wouldn't want facebook getting their grubby hands on it.

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein