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Comment: Re:Ya think so? (Score 2) 606

by VojakSvejk (#46334887) Attached to: 'Google Buses' Are Bad For Cities, Says New York MTA Official

The people in this case by and large live in the very cities in question; they do seem to want to live there, and they have to be transported to where they work, because that has been located elsewhere. If you live and work in the same suburb, you're not what we're talking about here.

Comment: Re:Evidence (Score 1) 592

by VojakSvejk (#38766686) Attached to: What Happens To Your Files When a Cloud Service Shuts Down?

It may have been "argued on this site", but interestingly enough, what is argued on this site is not the law. The law is being used to take the site down, and I suspect some dollar amounts are being applied to intellectual property along the way. What is good for the goose is likely good for the gander.

Comment: Re:true (Score 1) 228

by VojakSvejk (#34927142) Attached to: Stuxnet Authors Made Key Errors

It's not about ancient history, or even about who started what. When a rumour went around that the CIA were plotting from the US Embassy to put the Shah back in power, it did not require paranoia for the students to believe it, since it was known to have been done a couple of decades earlier. Today, it does not appear to be paranoid for the Iranian government to believe that US, Israel, and others are infiltrating their nuclear program, and interfering with the rest of their government as well, and it is not illogical to think that nuclear arms might be helpful to keep the current government in power. No need to ask who started it or who's right or wrong.

Comment: Re:like any other job? (Score 1) 629

by VojakSvejk (#33323848) Attached to: Union Boycotts LA Times Over Teacher Evaluation Disclosure

Then perhaps that should have been the point; the original post clearly suggests that the union is complaining about the evaluations themselves: "I get evaluated at my job, should i be outraged?". And of course finishes with "i say start firing teachers that rank the worst", which is also beside the point. The question here is of whether people who agree to take low-paid, overworked positions to teach children deserve to be treated worse than any other employee who has a performance evaluation. To restate my post, do your coworkers read your evaluation? Shareholders? The general public?

As to "unwilling taxpayers", ok, speak for yourself. That argument can be made about any government expenditure.

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