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Comment Better place (Score 2) 179

Oh yes! The world will be a better place when governments are aided by secure communications developers in fighting crimes like apostasy, being gay, etc., and whatever new "crimes" might be defined out of thin air in the future.

I'm sure the criminals that will be brought to justice, and hanged, shot and stoned will understand the wisdom of this move.

In other words, what a simpleton.

Comment I call (Score 1) 460

... what a complete and utter bullshit: "... where the culture clash between the remorseless competition of the US tech industry and the locals' respect for tradition and deference to established interests is especially stark"
Maybe it's more that in Europe countries have not been taken over by commerce to the degree that has happened in the US. Maybe that NY Times reporter baby could buy a passport and take time to visit some European countries once.
Indeed, when you want to do a business in a country, you obey simple rules, nothing more, apparently Uber has issues with that, and perhaps that attitude is typically American, who knows.
That arrogant crap company is doing the same here in Indonesia; simply ignore laws and court orders, hoping they can strong arm local and national governments into compliance, disgusting!

Comment Appification (Score 1) 44

Another stab at appification of the open internet.
The only reason companies keep doing, trying this, is because internet via a browser, using open standards, does not give them the leeway they desire.
The leeway to force ads upon us without recourse, to implement artifical profit models that would be defeatable if people keep using open internet via open standards and open software.
God I hope it fails, fails horribly.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 2) 688

"There's a shockingly large number of emotionally immature and insecure people in the Kernel community, and a great many people meet the wrath of those people for no good reason."

Precisely the problem. And their presence, the culture, has been initiated and is being maintained by Linus.
It is classical narcissistic behaviour; surround yourself with people whom you feel pose no danger to your world view in which you are a god. It results in a mob of people stupider than the narcissist, willing to follow and OK him on anything, and who display much the same (narcissistic) traits.

Comment Output will show it (Score 1) 616

It's probably partly true. But only for the case where the software you are going to write is not big or complex.
As soon as that aspect comes around the corner, people with a mind trained in logic and structural thinking (mathematicians, physicists), have a very clear advantage, and it will show in the the quality and maintainability of the code.

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