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Comment Re:Who? (Score 2) 688

"There's a shockingly large number of emotionally immature and insecure people in the Kernel community, and a great many people meet the wrath of those people for no good reason."

Precisely the problem. And their presence, the culture, has been initiated and is being maintained by Linus.
It is classical narcissistic behaviour; surround yourself with people whom you feel pose no danger to your world view in which you are a god. It results in a mob of people stupider than the narcissist, willing to follow and OK him on anything, and who display much the same (narcissistic) traits.

Comment Output will show it (Score 1) 616

It's probably partly true. But only for the case where the software you are going to write is not big or complex.
As soon as that aspect comes around the corner, people with a mind trained in logic and structural thinking (mathematicians, physicists), have a very clear advantage, and it will show in the the quality and maintainability of the code.

Comment The same way (Score 1) 136

I was looking for an X-server for my PC.
Then I started looking on NewsNet for such a thing, and I found Debian :).

Version 0.93R6, in 1996 it was I think, on a pile of diskettes I think numbering 23.
I read the first ideas about what Ian wanted the thing to be and immediately liked his attitude and approach. It was what kept me with Debian, even when later RedHat and others came and gained popularity. I knew with the solid technical and social basis and fanatic aspiration towards architectural perfection it would survive.

Comment Re:So, what is the point? (Score 2) 109

+1 For this.
I was one of the first persons to start using Debian, when they were still on a.out... Even at that time already, the "being helpful" and "friendly support" were a sham. People in Debian IRC have always been introvert, rude and aggressive.
Luckily all of that is more than made up for by the fantastic system that Debian is.

Comment Re: Yes I'm old.. (Score -1, Troll) 267

"It lacks a powerful shell"

You are either ignorant on Windows or insane. Powershell -the default shell on Windows for years in a row already now- easily obliterates anything Linux has.

Mind you, this comes from a Linux user and proponent. I've used Powershell for tasks at work since version 1.0. This version still had some serious shortcomings, but it already made clear that it would be shiningly bright soon. A promise it indeed fullfilled reaching version 2.0.

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