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Comment Re: Yes I'm old.. (Score -1, Troll) 267 267

"It lacks a powerful shell"

You are either ignorant on Windows or insane. Powershell -the default shell on Windows for years in a row already now- easily obliterates anything Linux has.

Mind you, this comes from a Linux user and proponent. I've used Powershell for tasks at work since version 1.0. This version still had some serious shortcomings, but it already made clear that it would be shiningly bright soon. A promise it indeed fullfilled reaching version 2.0.

Comment Under the radar (Score 1) 137 137

I repeatedly wrote and used a fairly big pile of scripts, over various platforms. Shell, but mostly Powershell on Windows, starting from when it was just available.

It worked wonders: I made information gathering scripts to scrape ALL available sources, dynamically queried from the devices, or static from other sources, including whatever crooked enterprise solution was already wasting electricity. I had them run one a or a few times per day generating raw results.
Then a second layer of scripts would make useful combinations and comparison lists.
A third layer would then form presentation lists.
I made the third type available to complete idiots, the second to lesser idiots, and the first to nobody (no higher level available...)

It worked wonders, everybody wanted and used that information, I could usually provide any "report" almost on the spot, whereas previously, making such a "report" would have been a regularly repeated onetime action (!), requireing a small project, weeks of time, and mostly lots of networking, server, and most of all database "experts" claiming it was difficult and infighting each other.

The only thing is: do it under the radar of management, they need their enterprise systems and projects to be able to claim success.

Comment Chromium (Score 1) 199 199

I sure hope Chromium will leave out or at least disable that crap.
This is what you get when people mistakenly think that webpages are an application interface; depressing horror. Browsers displaying webpages are not an application interface, they never were, and are completely unfit for it.
What Google is doing with this abomination is just ignoring that reality and taking that insane idea closer to its logical conclusion of utter, irreversible insanity.

Comment Warped thinking (Score 1) 892 892

How about women first making sure they are as good as men?
ANd if you really want to go this path, how about caring about less pay for shorter people? For people with a weird voice? For people with disabilities? For people with an eccentric hairdo? For people who stink?
Frantic feminist freak, bah.

Comment Re:Tor directory servers (Score 1) 86 86

They are not thirteen servers, they are thirteen clusters of servers. And they are better distributed over nations than Tor's DS's. Oh, and alternatives exist. Oh, and TOR is there only for the good people and therefore an easy target. DNS is also used by the bad guys (the governments) and therefore not an obvious target.

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