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by Alioth (#47926639) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry

I don't think it will take as long as you expect to rejoin the EU (the UK will continue to exist on Friday if the vote is yes, it's at least a couple of years away for the first day of Scotland as a new sovereign nation in the event of a yes vote). The EU will make sure that Scotland is in by that deadline - for one, the Spanish fishing fleets won't tolerate being denied access to Scottish waters.

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I don't see what the beef over immigration is -- it actually works both ways. There are about 1 million Britons living in Spain right now under the same rules.

What happens is this: older Britons who are more likely to be in poor health and a drain on the NHS, and who are frequently trying to dodge taxes move to Spain, and burden the Spanish economy (I know some of these people - they basically do everything they can to avoid paying any tax in Spain where they are consuming public services). Basically, economically inactive people who burden public services. In return, the immigrants we get from the EU are young, healthy, fit people who are eager to work and contribute, do not put a burden on the health service and contribute more than they take. A win-win situation.

The funniest thing I saw was a rant from a British person (in the Daily Fail of course) who had immigrated into Spain about how Spain was much better at keeping immigrants out than the UK...despite the fact that he himself was an immigrant into Spain!

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While many plane enthusiasts lamented the exit of the DC-10 from passenger service, I did not.

That aircraft had an awful, awful 2-5-2 seat arrangement in economy. More often than not I ended up in the middle seat of that set of 5 and had to crawl over 2 people if I wanted to use the toilet in the middle of the night, and didn't get the compensation of a view out the window which at least makes up for it in aircraft with the 3-4-3 configuration). Inevitably, it would be a parent and a very noisy child occupying BOTH sides.

Good riddance, DC-10. You won't be missed.

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That problem was fixed and is not the reason why the DC-10 isn't used any more. The DC-10 (and MD-11 followon, which is still in service) went on to fly millions of safe, reliable hours once the issue with the overcentre locks were fixed with the cargo doors.

The DC-10 is out of (passenger) service now just because it's old and burns too much fuel. (It remains in cargo service, where it will be pressurized).


Ask Slashdot: What To Do After Digitizing VHS Tapes? 259

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An anonymous reader writes Now that I've spent close to a month digitizing a desk drawer's worth of VHS tapes, deinterlacing and postprocessing the originals to minimize years of tape decay, and compressing everything down to H.264, I've found myself with a hard drive full of loosely organized videos. They'll get picked up by my existing monthly backup, but I feel like I haven't gained much in the way of redundancy, as I thought I would. Instead of having tapes slowly degrade, I'm now open to losing entire movies at once, should both of my drives go bad. Does anyone maintain a library, and if so, what would they recommend? Is having them duplicated on two drives (one of which is spun down for all but one day of the month) a good-enough long term strategy? Should I look into additionally backing up to optical discs or flash drives, building out a better (RAIDed) backup machine, or even keeping the original tapes around despite them having been digitized?

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I care not about these two stations. They're not good as the old days like in the (19)80s. I used to watch Bob Ross's paintings, This Old House, Sesame Street, Nature, NOVA, National Geographic, Wild America, 3-2-1 Contact, Reading Rainbow, Square One Television (Mathnet!), The Voyage of the Mimi, etc. These days, pretty much NOTHING! :(

Does anyone remember the very old colored animal shows (filmed in 1970s?)? IIRC, each episode was like 30 minutes, different topics, and the ending credits showed a jeep driving at a distance in a sunset driving?

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