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by lgw (#48482411) Attached to: France Wants To Get Rid of Diesel Fuel

Ideally we'd do away with the ICEs entirely and eliminate all that crap

What a hippie! Ideally, come Paving Day, I'll be cruising the Paved Earth in my Atomic Hypercar under the light of the Chromed Moon, and hippies like you will be Pit Slaves, toiling endlessly to clean the restrooms and stock the vending machines for the driving elite.

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by lgw (#48480503) Attached to: Security Experts Believe the Internet of Things Will Be Used To Kill Someone

Indeed. Every single bit of technology ever devised has been used to kill people. It's what we do.

False. New technologies are divided between "invented to kill people" and "porn". With a few like the internet being dual-purpose.

Or, as the saying goes "there are two kinds of engineers: those who build weapons, and those who build targets".

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Sitting here, watching it, I'm reminded of how awesome the trailer was for Episode 1 a long time ago and the reaction it got.

Quite so. OTOH, the Red Letter Media reviews (longer than the movies) were great. I hereby coin:

Plinkett's Law: The entertainment value of a Star Wars/Trek movie plus the entertainment value of the corresponding Plinkett review is constant.

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X-wing shot: 'Hey I thought it wasn't safe for x-wings to fly in an atmosphere with the s-foils deployed.'
Millenium Falcon shot: I hope he's got a new pilot, because I think Han's getting too old for this. Also: 25+ years later and they're still using original TIE fighters?

I noticed these and several other "no longer even pretending consistency" moments. I guess my reaction to the trailer is: "I've got a bad feeling about this."

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McCarthyism came and went with no long-term effect on the nation. Eroding the Constitution is permanent - or at least I assume it will be as the GOP inevitably surrenders, rather than the House amending every bill the pass for the next 2 years with the sentence "Not withstanding any other provisions of law, no money shall be appropriated or otherwise spent on ...". That's not a government shutdown, just an insistence on proper separation of powers.

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People aren't sitting on giant piles of treasure

Part of being a responsible adult is having enough savings to get you through hard times. Really.

One reason the crunch went on a while was "deleveraging" - maybe you heard the term - people deliberately paying down personal debt as they re-learned that lesson about adult responsibility, sobered up, and spent a few years borrowing less, to be less at the whim of the economy. Part of the reason for Japan's "lost decade" was carrying that to extremes, becoming I think the nation with the highest personal savings rate, which meant the economy went nowhere for a decade as people saved instead of spent (Japan had other issues as well, and no one understands that whole story yet).

Ultimately demand drives the economy - until people feel safe spending instead of saving, that won't happen. That's not so much about salary as it is about unemployment - unemployment needs to go down steadily for 12-18 months before people will generally switch from pessimism to optimism, as we tend to base our outlook on the past 1-2 years of personal experience, not abstract economic data (it's one reason individual investors tend to do poorly).

Also, you'll find most people don't switch from "keep my head down" to "I'm not paid enough!" only when we're well into economic upswing. From minimum wage fights to actual revolution, it's a sure sign of a growing economy when people start shouting "grow faster!"

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