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by UnknowingFool (#46779579) Attached to: SSD-HDD Price Gap Won't Go Away Anytime Soon

Not necessarily. From the article:

The Seagate Enterprise 15K 2.5” form factor HDD and Terascale HDD have power consumption needs of 1 W and 6.5 W per drive, respectively. However, SSDs are far more varied. Consumer SSDs, designed for laptops or tablets, often have power consumptions of between 0.1 and 1.5 W per drive, however enterprise SSDs can range from 3 W to 30 W depending on make and model with most falling between 3 W and 10 W.

A spinning HDD might require more power than an idle SSD but it is not necessarily true that a HDD requires more power all the time. Also if you look at wattage per GB, HDDs are more efficient as you need more SSDs right now to match the same capacity as a HDD. For consumers, it's a small difference but enterprises requiring lots of drives look at efficiency more closely.

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Oh I see, your source of information is a blog. Forgive me if I believe the CDC and the WHO. Also your source doesn't understand medicine very well because even they said:

"We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease."

Encephalopathy is not Autism nor linked to Autism. In a very desperate attempt to make any link, the author of the blog is basically making shit up.

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Most years, I just use the basic tax software. A few years when my taxes got complicated, I paid an accountant. For me, the few hundred dollars I paid was worth it for me not to be bothered by the IRS. Statistically they look about professionally prepared taxes less than self-prepared ones. Also the accountants always know about things that I can claim that I didn't know about. Each time, they were able to get me a refund.

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I'm not against vaccines, but I am against endlessly vaccinating against threats that no longer exist.

This is terrible logic. First of all these threats still exist as evidenced by the numerous outbreaks in the last decade. Second, the threats were lessoned because of vaccinations. The increase in outbreaks coincide with the drop in vaccination rates.

In other words, they should only be used in the event that there's an outbreak.

Again, this is terrible logic. If there is an outbreak, those who have the disease will not be helped by a vaccine. An during an outbreak, many will be exposed. That's why it's called an "outbreak." With world travel, an outbreak may not be easily contained. See H1N1.

We are after-all living in an era where sanitation has way over stepped its boundaries and now threatens all of us with super germs...

This is also terrible logic. Sanitation has not overstepped its boundaries; it has saved millions of lives including many in developing worlds of dying of water borne illnesses like Giarda, etc. Super germs have been created by the over-use of antibiotics not sanitation.

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The question is what you call "ample". Your largest sample size is 91; the link is at best tenuous given the rather small size. Also the samples are not sufficiently randomized but have a selection bias. The Dutch study looked at millions of Dutch children and found no link. That was only one study. The Japanese study also looked at millions and found no link.

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But the causes of autism are complex and poorly understood. If one identical twin is autistic, the other is likely to be, but not always.

There are cases of autism where one twin has severe autism but the other does not. So it's not 100% genetic.

This is Bridget. She passes her day running her fingers across her computer screen. Locked in her own world, she has spent the past 13 years drifting apart from her identical twin sister, Jenna.

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If that was mumps, there is no treatment, you suffer and hopefully don't get an additional disease (30% testicular atrophy). . .

Also note your effects represent best case scenarios. As with any disease they are far worse effects that are possible. For example: mumps --> deafness. Death is also possible.

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Actually the flaw in your argument is that everybody reacts identically to all medicine. You read the part about this being my THIRD son right? The other two were vaccinated and had no problems.

No, that was your flaw. You presented an anecdotal example. I presented a counter example. That also belies what you said: "Essentially I believe that it could be harmful for young babies/toddlers to have too many vaccines administered at the same time - 3 vaccines during the same office visit, for example". You had no qualifiers like "For the most part . . . "

In fact you even ask for if an adult would opt for multiple vaccines. I presented myself as an example because I've done it. In your statement, you also imply that somehow multiple vaccines at once are unproven or experimental. They are not. The vaccine schedule has been extensively tested. As a parent you don't have to follow it, but questioning it because you think there is no science or testing behind it is another matter.

I have a pretty good idea of when autism can be seen, as I raised my son from birth. He LOST the ability to speak - I'd like to find out what happened. I feel that any money or time spent researching any possible like is money well spent, regardless of the outcome. Ten years of seeing what autism is has led me to this.

What I'm saying is that before a certain age, diagnosing Autism can be problematic (as with any neurological testing of children). The time when symptoms start showing is right as the vaccine schedule starts to increase in the number of vaccines. The science behind the causes of Autism is pointing to an abnormal development of certain areas of the brain. The cause is not purely genetic but may be epigenetic as noted by the twin studies. Unfortunately the last ten years of research was hampered by Wakefield and his fraud.

The amount of negativity is interesting to me. Many vaccines are *optional*, others are mandated for public school. We have this choice in this country. The argument of "some children have died" is weak. I could just as well say "some children have lived".

The problem is that some of the children died not because the parents had a choice but because someone else chose not vaccinate. Herd immunity exists for a reason. It protects those that cannot be or have not been vaccinated. What do you say to a parent whose child died because of your choices? The negativity for me is that the science has long been established. McCarthy and her denialism has caused so much pain and yet she refuses to take responsibility for what she had done.

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Essentially I believe that it could be harmful for young babies/toddlers to have too many vaccines administered at the same time - 3 vaccines during the same office visit, for example. I can only imagine how many adults would opt for several shots at the same time.

I've traveled overseas extensively. Sometimes I need to get 3 or more vaccines for certain areas. I haven't died yet. They most serious side effect was I didn't feel 100% after getting multiple vaccines. I didn't get sick. The flaw in your argument is that you assume your child is the first human ever to get multiple vaccines at once and it hasn't been tested before. It has. The schedule has undergone years of testing before released.

My third son went from talking and acting normal to non-verbal for years around the time of his 2 years vaccines. Now, it's likely coincidence. I'm not blaming vaccines - since there is no established link based on current research. But we need to find the cause for autism.

The coincidence is that the vaccine schedule is close to the time when Autism can be first diagnosed in children. When Wakefield's paper first came out, many researchers looked at it because it was the first testable link. It turned out to be fraud though. How much time and research was wasted on chasing fraud? That research could have been spent on real research into the causes.

I'm surprised the amount of negativity the community has presented on this subject.

There have been many outbreaks of diseases that could have been prevented due to this nonsense. Some children have died. We should be negative.

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McCarthy and Carrey said that while they do support immunization, they and their allies believe children receive "too many vaccines, too soon, many of which are toxic."

Basically when faced with overwhelming facts, McCarthy like many others either double down or move the goal posts. In the beginning of the anti-vax movement, it was "All we ask is someone to do the research on the vaccine." When the initial research came back that no link could be proven it was: "All we ask is someone to look at the thiomersal effects." When more studies came back that thiomersal could not be linked to Austism either it was: "You can't just do epidemiological studies." When Wakefield's paper was retracted due to fraud, it was "They are trying to silence him." They are true believers; anything that goes against their beliefs must be denied.

In their complete ignorance, McCarthy and others seem to ignore basic facts of medicine. All medication has the possibility of side effects. Vaccines like many other medications has gone under extensive testing before it was released. There still is the possibility of terrible side effects but statistically the vaccine is much safer than the disease and the incidence of side effects are very, very small. Saying that the vaccines need to be safe is like saying that we shouldn't drive cars because they are unsafe.

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Except that it isn't. Facebook privacy is violated all the time. Messages that people post there assuming to be private end up elsewhere on a very regular basis. Even more so when things move from facebook to other places they can go verbatim, with exact records of what what written. This is not the same as saying something verbally where there is always the chance of the message being garbled along the way.

That still does not make it right for the police and the school to force her to grant them FULL access to her messages and page. What they read on public on FB is another matter.

If you post something for people to read online, you have released any reasonable expectation of it being private. Just because slashdot says that I own this comment I am posting, I understand that anyone can come along, copy it, post is elsewhere, etc. They might or might not credit it to me. Facebook is not different in any important way. Just because they claim that some messages are private does not mean they are.

Again, you missed the point. In this case, under the guise of investigating her private messages, the school and police were really after her public (and protected rights) complaints about a school official. Both of which are supposed to be protected in different ways.

They can sell it to whomever they want, just as facebook can sell your profile data to whomever they want.

No, medical information is protected by law. The fact that violations occur does not make your medical information any less protected.

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Actually, I don't think the Intel framework has much to do with the weight. The plastic Windows mini tablets using Intel Atom processors are often lighter and cheaper than iPads.

Surface Pros have all used the Core i5 series not Atom processors which are heavier with all the required infrastructure than Atom.

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