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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 570

In fairness, with enough resources, Vista didn't suck nearly as bad as people said it did .. I ran it on a quad core machine with 8GB of RAM until a year ago, and it was just fine.

Um Vista sucked pretty hard in the beginning. Of course after several years, MS was able to patch a lot of things. Some of the main problems with Vista was that MS lowered the hardware requirements so that Intel could sell more chipsets and computers that were not quite Vista capable ran it. And with most OS releases, everyone knows to wait to SP1.

Comment Re:Since they offshore the profit anyway... (Score 1) 270

Because that's not what what they are doing. They are taking their Euros and keeping it Euros. They are taking their Yen and keeping it in Yen. Their dollars, they keep in dollars. To convert anything to dollars they would have to pay 40% in taxes to the US government in addition to any taxes they paid to the local governments.

Comment Re: That's reasonable (Score 1) 510

You mean besides how gravity does not seem to affect subatomic particles? Quantum mechanics describes physics on that scale very well but gravity describes physics on the large scale of solar systems. Yet we still use both and why haven't we encouraged a debate about how the Flying Spaghetti Monster describes everything instead.

Comment Re:That's reasonable (Score 1, Interesting) 510

If I were a science teacher I would specifically teach how the theory of gravity (General Relativity) has far more weaknesses than evolution. Also how the germ theory of disease has had to undergo changes when asymptotic carriers, viruses causing cancers, and bacteria causing ulcers, etc. were discovered.

Comment Re:Strengths and weaknesses (Score 1) 510

That wasn't his point. His point is that these laws are a thinly veiled attempt to get religion back into science. There are laws that specifically say creationism cannot be taught in science class. These laws say you can discuss the weakness of evolution even if you present lies and you will be protected.

Comment Re:Larry Ellison (Score 1) 77

When Sun open sourced Java and encouraged companies to use it free of charge, you can't call that "stealing" if companies took them on the offer. The problem was Orace then bought Sun and changed their minds about what could be done with Java. The last CEO of Sun, Jonathan Schwartz, did not think Google did anything wrong.

Comment Re:Capitalism (Score 1) 77

Barbers, plumbers and gardeners have published advertised rates or they don't stay in business long.

I think there is a difference confusing quoted vs published. For example, my plumber doesn't "publish" his rates but he tells up front what it is. If he didn't like me, I'm sure his quoted rate would be higher. In the case of the OP, my point is why doesn't he disclose all his private business dealings to the world and if he doesn't, what does he have to hide?

Comment Re:wut? (Score 1) 250

Apple can be replaced (Android phones), Amazon can be replaced (hundreds of online retailers), Facebook is more or less useless, you do not need it. Microsoft can be replaced (Linux). But Google?!? can you replace its search engine?

Anything can be replaced if you think about it. The results may not be to your liking or convenience. For example, if you are very social, how do you keep up with your friends without Facebook? You can with emails, phone-calls, talk in real life, etc. That works great if you don't have more than a dozen friends. If you want to keep your social circle small, that's your choice. Then you don't you need something like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I can't keep up with more than a dozen myself but all the women I know are able to do this.

Most people I know use the above brands not out of some entrenched loyalty but that brand works best for them. People who have iPhones like them but when something changed in the phone or iOS that they would change phones.

Comment Re:wut? (Score 1) 250

No. America uses those. I'm Canadian and I find Amazon is great for reviews, and so-so on pricing. Their prime offering is a hilarious joke that needs to die ($80 and all I get is 'free' shipping on a very few items? LOL!)

Really so when I travel to Asia and see people using iPhones, that is all my imagination? When I am in Europe and see people using Windows, I must have had hallucinations? You seem to have a very binary way of thinking about who uses what. In Asia, they do use iPhones. They also use Galaxy phones too. It's not binary.

Microsoft could cease to exist and I wouldn't care.

Yes, you don't care. Companies that use Microsoft products do care.

Apple could cease to exist and nobody here would care. I know one person with an iPhone. They've dumped it for Android.

You, you, you, and your world. That does not reflect the actual world.

For 2015 alone, Apple sold more than 231 million iPhones worldwide. Now according to you that must just the US. Considering that the US has about 323 million people, that would be the most marketshare I've seen in any country by a product. That would mean most men, women, and children bought an iPhone in 2015 alone.
You simply have no idea who owns an iPhone and live in your own reality.

The trouble is the USA thinks they are the world. It's really odd. I hear news from the USA about this Craigslist thing selling access to hookers for roses. Never heard of it otherwise. The site looks quite shitty.. Canadians use Kijiji. Your household brands are simply more replaceable than you think.

The companies listed are known worldwide. They are used worldwide. These are simple facts to look up. But you won't, will you? For example, Facebook usage by country definitely shows that more than Americans use it. A survey in 2013 shows that that Google is used worldwide. While they are places like China and Japan that use prefer other engines, calling Google only an American company is just denying facts.

Comment Re:wut? (Score 1) 250

I must say if Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft were all to dissapear, it will change nothing. But Google as a search engine is still top notch and have no real competition so for the moment, they stay.

From your world. The rest of the world uses Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft products. Could they be replaced? Yes but because they are not important to your world does not mean they are not important to everyone.

Comment Re:American businesses? (Score 1) 875

Which is fine and dandy but then they (Apple) should stop bitching about all the money they have off-shore. You want to keep your revenue off-shore for tax purposes, fine. You want to bring back to America - then pay your fucking taxes!

Apple isn't complaining about the money offshore. People like the OP are complaining that Apple doesn't want to pay taxes twice. So Apple says that tthey'll bring it back to the US if they weren't taxed twice. Period.

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