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Comment Re:Eventually... But not yet (Score 1) 406

I think what the GP was getting at was not that it isn't on the market, but more likely that you're going to be strictly presented with VGA if it isn't YOUR projector.

source: four years in university with hundreds of rooms with projectors, that aren't going to be updated strictly because "something new, must have."

Comment Re: Introduction (Score 4, Insightful) 207

As a professional auto tech, I'll confirm this. The shop may make some money on the parts if it's an expensive oil change on a luxury vehicle, but your base oil change is really a loss for the company as a whole. The tech makes a few bucks (7-8 in my case, USD), but it's really not worth my time if I have something better to do. This is especially true when you come across customers that you know from the very beginning are there for nothing more than the oil change special.

Comment Re:Does it come with an RA? (Score 1) 412

I spent 1.5 years on campus (kicked out for 1 semester) and two years off campus. I had actually opted for random selection, but ended up with an assigned roommate who didn't really look like he would get along with me. Another guy I was grouped with in orientation found me on Facebook and expressed basically the same concerns. Living together was a better idea than random. We had it changed before ever moving in without incident, and got along great in spite of coming from nearly opposite backgrounds. I got kicked out of school, and was replaced for one semester by another random guy. I hear that was... interesting. The two of us and two girls we had been a close knit group with (dining hall tables usually have 4 seats... you know) got an apartment, and had a great time living together. Everyone pitched in in their own way, and it wasn't a bad place to live. One girl left for the second year of that, but MY previous replacement filled in for her, and it was all good again. He mostly kept to himself anyhow now that he had a room.

Sorry you had a bad experience. Everyone I knew had an easier time than that both on and off campus. Student Services was more than accommodating with any desired room swaps and had waiting lists for people who just wanted out of where they were. Off campus worked pretty well too, I didn't know that many people who hated where they lived.

Virginia Tech, 08-12 for reference.

Comment Re:The car is great to drive, but... (Score 1) 222

I have an older Mustang where the shifter rests just perfectly for radio adjustments - keep in mind this is not the norm. I'm an auto tech and have seen it all. The 05 Chevy truck I'm in has steering wheel controls and they work great. It's even better than knowing, you literally don't go anywhere for them. You don't miss features like that until you've had them.

Comment Re:I smoke a little... (Score 1) 175

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for chiming in. I have mod points I almost used on you, but thought this might be a little more personal - it's not every day you get a decent informative post on Slashdot you read the entirety of and go... hmm. This sounds like a guy I can probably level with. Have a pleasant Monday, good sir.

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