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Comment: Re:What I want (Score 1) 279

by imboboage0 (#39119667) Attached to: I prefer my input devices to be as _______ as possible.
I have a Logitech G500. Love it, after owning an two MX510s and an mx518. Click/freewheel scroll, 3 thumb buttons, tilt scroll, and two more buttons for sensitivity adjustment. All of it is customizable with the drivers. For example I have media buttons on it because I'm lazy, but if I launch Skyrim they change to keyboard mappings. It is corded though.

Comment: Re:uhh what? (Score 1) 8

by imboboage0 (#38914609) Attached to: Researchers Create Two-Dimensional Glass
You have no ability to accept that someone else might perceive the world a little differently. I'm not an idiot, I do realize that this IS REAL LIFE and it's all three dimensional (space-wise) to the best of my knowledge. But to hell with it, good luck on your quest to:

1. Make glass thinner than this.
2. Convince people that I'm detracting from the gene pool.

Comment: Re:uhh what? (Score 1) 8

by imboboage0 (#38905247) Attached to: Researchers Create Two-Dimensional Glass
By strict definitions, sure. But if you were representing the position in space of a single atom, you could do so with just a single point and a radius. This glass is as thin as it gets - it can be represented by a plane and an inherent thickness, much like the 'constant' radius of the atom. Try to think in fuzzier terms.

Comment: Re:Well that and... (Score 1) 343

by imboboage0 (#38808651) Attached to: Pirate Bay To Offer Physical Item Downloads
C&C = Command And Conquer, CNC = Computer Numerically Controlled. Hate to be a grammar nazi, but that one really bugged me... lol.

With that out of the way... technically, a 3D printer is a CNC machine. It is not a lathe, mill, press, etc, but it is still CNC. Material removal machines have the drawback of requiring some sort of line of sight access to features you're trying to cut, whereas a 3D printer can just go layer by layer and fill in the parts.

Comment: Re:I have no idea (Score 1) 498

by imboboage0 (#38796093) Attached to: Where does your electricity come from?
Although I agree with you that most people likely have no reasonably clue where their power comes from, there are exceptions. For example, I live in Blacksburg, VA near Virginia Tech's power plant (on campus essentially, and walking distance from my apartment.) Seeing as how my power bill comes directly from them, it is fairly safe to assume it's mostly made of coal.

After some research, it looks like VTES gets their electrons from coal, as well as another power company in the area (APCO). APCO is owned by AEP, which apparently covers 38 states as well as some of eastern Canada. In reality, most of my power likely comes from coal, but who really knows about the rest.

Comment: Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 545

by imboboage0 (#38748598) Attached to: Will Secure Boot Cripple Linux Compatibility?
You, sir, are a grade A asshole. I'm not sure what you found so offensive about my post. Quite simply, even if you plan to circumvent it, you're still choosing to buy it. They win. They still got your money, they could give two fucks if you want to go through all that. And at the days end, most manufacturers will double fuck you by looking for ways to undo your circumvention if you're not careful.

I guess I shouldn't call you an asshole, you just detailed circumvention, then followed it up with saying anyone who buys it is a loser. :P Calm down and try to enjoy life for a minute. It's not the end of the world you know.

Don't tell me how hard you work. Tell me how much you get done. -- James J. Ling