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Comment: Jr. Mints & Jujubes... (Score 2, Insightful) 91

by UncleGizmo (#24864105) Attached to: Blown to Bits

IIRC, Jr. Mints were chosen as a backup - the candy was going to be M&M's but the writers couldn't get permission from Hershey to use the brand name. Jr. Mints was more than happy for the free pub and got millions worth of free advertising (and a resulting sales bump).

Although many if not most actual products in shows these days are paid product placements.

PC Games (Games)

+ - Game Engines that Changed the Industry->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Game Almighty as posted a retrospective piece looking at some of the most important game engines in the history of gaming. Included is discussion about SCUMM, Source, Renderware, and other engines that have left a mark on the industry. Here's an excerpt from the SCUMM section: "Created by Ron Gilbert in 1987 while at Lucasarts (then Lucasfilm Games), the Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion was a hybrid game engine and programming language for adventure games. SCUMM allowed the creative minds at Lucasarts to design puzzles, locations, items, and branching dialogue sequences without having to directly modify the game's source code. Their endeavors turned out to be some of the most memorable adventure games of all time, including Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, the Monkey Island series, and Full Throttle.""
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United States

Journal: WikiGov'T

Journal by PhetusPolice
While I was fantasizing about being President of the USA, I imagined an idea that I'd like to share. The people of America can probably agree that they feel a lack of connection to their government, being the victims of scandals and red tape.

+ - Top 10 Internal Security Threats (says>

Submitted by
Esther Schindler
Esther Schindler writes "An endpoint is any device that can connect to the corporate network (desktop computer, notebook, cell phone, whatever). The Bad Guys who want to break in are focusing more attention on those endpoints because, after all, users are known to be lax about security even if the IT department is professionally paranoid. In Securing the Endpoints: The 10 Most Common Internal Security Threats enumerates the top 10 internal-to-the-company vulnerabilities, and what companies can do about them."
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+ - HTC Touch to Counter the Apple iPhone->

Submitted by
yonp writes "Report on the HTC's Touch Phone:
"Well guys and gals, this assuredly looks cool: an HTC Windows Mobile Professional 6 Pocket PC phone with HTC's newly developed TouchFLO screen technology that recognizes gestures and can tell the difference between a stylus and finger. They've created a new Today Screen that takes advantage of this new technology with large icons and gesture sensitive actions. It might not be an iPhone, but it surely sounds like a compelling improvement to Windows Mobile devices.""

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+ - Hackers becoming ever more secretive->

Submitted by Simplicity
Simplicity (666) writes "Hackers are coming up with ever more secretive and complicated attacks in order to bypass traditional signature-based anti-malware applications, according to the latest Web Security Trends report from IT security company Finjan. The report found that criminal gangs are now keeping track of IP addresses of victims visiting target websites — exposing users to malicious code only once. This code vanishes the second time the user visits the website. Finjan said the hackers use these methods to hide malcode from web crawlers, URL filters and reputation engines."
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+ - The 10 "Inconvienient Truths" of File Shar

Submitted by
54mc writes "The IFPI, an international recording industry organization, has released a list of Ten "Inconvenient Truths" of file sharing. Though the group has a vested interest, it's still an interesting read as it tears apart some of the most common arguments in favor of file sharing. Ars Technica follows up with a more thorough explanation of some of the points."

+ - NFL Calls Foul on Church Superbowl Parties

Submitted by Kahlil in Virginia
Kahlil in Virginia (666) writes "This article ( =/20070201/LOCAL/702010431/) from Indiana describes how the NFL is using its lawyers to intemidate and ban churches from hosting Superbowl parties. The NFL claims it is copyright infringement and that the churches are to refrain from hosing a party where the words Superbowl are used. The also cannot use a screen larger than 55". However, bars and other places are able to continue showing the program. This strikes me to be a fairly blatent abuse of a power the NFL does not have. Where is the law that says we, as a people, have a contract with the NFL to host parties and show the prgram? As long as the church is not receiving income from this and redistributing the program the NFL should have no leg to stand on. The NFL also blaims ratings and advertisement revenue as part of its decision."
The Almighty Buck

Scientists Offered Cash to Dispute Climate Study 668

Posted by Zonk
from the you're-wrong-and-i-think-mr.-lincoln-knows-why dept.
w1z4rd writes "According to an article in the Guardian, scientists and economists have been offered large bribes by a lobbying group funded by ExxonMobil. The offers were extended by the American Enterprise Institute group, which apparently has numerous ties to the Bush administration. Couched in terms of an offer to write 'dissenting papers' against the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, several scientists contacted for the article refused the offers on conflict of interest grounds."

+ - Satellite TV to go

Submitted by sleeves
sleeves (939679) writes "Well, this ( tellite.html?ref=technology) looks like something fun for when I'm rich and famous..."

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