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Comment: You still need to do it right (Score 1) 35

The problem is people create crowdfunding projects without understanding the difference between asking an investor for money and asking a community. It's the #1 problem I hear when I consult on how to improve or create Kickstarter projects. In the health industry, that is going to be an even larger issue.

Side note: This week only, my eBook on the topic is a free download, Unlocking Kickstarter Secrets: Crowdfunding Tips and Tricks .

Comment: Re:A little late (Score 3, Interesting) 94

by UCFFool (#40195513) Attached to: Light Table IDE Finds Funding Success

By the way, why can't I fund a closed (but funded) Kickstarter project past the deadline?

As a successful Kickstarter project creator, I would hate that. It's one thing when you are doing software, but it's quite another when you are shipping a product. After it closes, you can go to the website and find out how you can get it once all Kickstarter backers are rewarded.

Comment: Nook is going for Flex Lighting, so no surprise (Score 5, Informative) 132

by UCFFool (#39611531) Attached to: Next Kindle Expected To Have a Front-Lit Display
It's likely that the Nook will be using Flex Lighting in its next version, due out very soon. There is even a video of it in action on a reference device. I use a clip-on light, which has the issue of glare off of the screen, so I actually think this is a viable step up, especially since it will not always be used, is always available, and will have a minimal effect on battery life. I'm actually really jealous (since I don't have the cash to play the upgrade game with my Nook Simple Touch).

+ - Self-Publishing Authors Resort to Giving Away Book->

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UCFFool writes: "With the publishing industry backlash toward self-publishers, many are choosing to put out their works for free to generate buzz and momentum. The new zombie novella, "My Zombie Body", is part of a 24-hour giveaway today, in an effort to draw in readers and generate future sales for the book and for Child's Play Charity. Other authors are submitting their works as a free download directly on Amazon and other online booksellers."
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