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Comment Really, solar and climate change again? (Score 1, Insightful) 574

Please. This is simple pandering to manufactured crisis' that has been going on for a long time. Does everyone realize that within a hundred years of time we have progressed as a species faster than any other time in history? The planet is a living breathing organism that can catch a cold, fever, flu, etc. We are more or less trying to micro manage the health of a 4.5 billion year old planet. Yes, I am certain we have as a species effected the environment and we DO need to be cognoscente; however, mother earth can and will take care of herself.

As far as this solar issue, isn't there more pressing things that a presidential candidate should be consumed with? Russia, China, Iran, ( Clinton, in my opinion, will hurt this country more than help or lead. She has this sense of entitlement that wreaks. This is unfortunate as the battle and movement to be the "first female" president of the United States trumps (no pun intended) and defiles the dignity and integrity of the office of POTUS. I for one will be happy when there are no longer pursuits of social experimentation and where decisions of this kind of import will be based on what they should, the merit and qualification of any candidate. Perhaps this is a Utopian perspective on our democracy, however, it isn't a bad standard from which to start qualification.

Comment Re:Google Interview (Score 1) 370

Know you folks have me thinking how something like this might look. Given the comments and assuming that people are not next door, I wonder how best to approach an IT services company of some description with a focus on "seasoned" professionals? Experience is paramount, age not a factor, honor, integrity, and honesty also critical components. I think if you dare to lead, the lemmings will follow...;-)

Comment Re:Strategies to Defeat Age Discrimination (Score 1) 370

Your strategies imply deceit is the ticket to employment? You know, I'd rather be under a freaking bridge and happy than a liar just to appease others who are employed and don't really give a f... Seriously, I was once told "You don't know how to play the game?" and I replied, "I don't want to play the game." This is real life with real people. I so much want a system based on merit, no PC, demographic, politically motivated BS. I fear I will be dead before anyone sees it. Depressing...

Comment Re:The "experience" that matters (Score 1) 370

Well put and I shall put it to use. I am 40+ with 20 in the biz, have been unemployed for about a year, lost just about everything and am scratching my head. I think the title of this article is appropriate. It's all economics. There is nothing worse than seeing a manager with a smirk on his/her face low balling you simply because they can. Plus the external expectations that you will foot the expense to keep yourself up to date on technology is a bit much too. Which one, at what cost, and how far to take it? Cops, firemen, and many other professionals get, as a benefit, some training that is required to maintain their roles, not IT. IT is not unlike the software industry; here, sign this EULA that exempts us for any liability resulting from the use of our "killer," must have app even though it was run through some code mill and subject to limited testing. Security was not a consideration, sorry. Tell that to GM. I bet the auto industry would love to be allowed to use and apply EULA's. Yes, I am a bit bitter today as I digress.

Comment Really? (Score 0) 72

Given AMD/ATI's reputation and my own experience, no wonder. I would have left AMD/ATI too. Much about marketing and less on performance. nVidia is my personal preference for just that reason. I am only writing this because of a recent experience with HP/AMD driver issues on a Windows 8 install and non-compliant, non-working OpenGL implemetation. Inexcusable in my humble opinion. This is NOT a gaming issue, rather a high performance application issue and this is not the first time. AMD, GYST (yes, explatives involved)! Screams of SCO type litigation...

Comment Sad (Score 1) 332

It used to be for the "women and chilren" that obsurd things made their way through government. Now it is all in the name of "National Security". Fear is a powerful motivator and they know it. Just because they can, they will...

Comment Caution please (Score 1) 79

The faster we can move data is in some way connected to how fast life moves in every respect. There is a point when "cool" is truly a four letter word. Not that I am arguing against it, it's just that there is a similar arguments within the AI industry. In more and more ways our achievements are outstripping out ability to deal with the consequences.

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