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+ - IT in the face of disaster

Submitted by U8MyData
U8MyData (1281010) writes "I was on the ground in the middle of Texas away from home when 9/11 happened. Now I watch the storm batter the NY area and wonder again. Where are the heroing stories of IT during times like this? I missed for some reason all the stories of recovery and the successes/fauilures of DR during that time. I can only imagine the phone calls, the late nights, and the diffuculties "our folks" are facing. Anyone have stories to share?"

+ - Mobile Broadband (Teathering)

Submitted by U8MyData
U8MyData (1281010) writes "Anyone like me that is more or less forced off the local telco, cable, or wireless (wifi or private spectrum) and relegated to the wireless phone networks for broadband access pissed off at the rediculous throughput and limited bandwidth? I am tired of paying for advertisers bandwidth when I am forced to watch paid ad after paid ad when I want to just watch a news clip. I'm on Verizon and if I spend anytime at any news site and try and catch up on current events through clips, I get these really nice text messages that I am at 25, 50, 75% of alloted bandwidth when at least half of what I watch is forced ads. I am so tired of having to pay the burden of advertisers or, in a converse way of thinking, why won't the wireless carriers realize it's not necessarily the users sucking up the bandwidth; it's the freaking advertisers/marketers? I don't have a choice right now and I am really conflicted with the current state of affairs. Give us 10 GB rather than 2 then maybe I can tolerate it."

+ - IT: Wired vs Wireless 2

Submitted by U8MyData
U8MyData (1281010) writes "I'm sure this has been discussed in many circles before, but I have a very real issue here. Withholding identities and such, I have been tasked with a forklift network build and have had a somewhat philosophical debate about infrastructure. This issue boils down to the wiring plant or lack thereof. My CEO adamantly told me I was wrong about "traditional wire" needing to be installed in moderate amounts in each office (4 Cat5e or 6 cables/jacks per) and that the whole industry will be wireless before long. Of course, I paused and said, "...with no disrespect, I disagree with your assessment." That was pretty ballsy of me and out of character of sorts, but I have been at this IT game for over 15 years and do disagree. So, I ask Slashdot, my first such appeal for industry and peer review, am I off base here? Is wireless set to take over enterprise LAN communications anytime soon? I come from government and financial industries, now in private business, and this concept was taboo for what I would call obvious reasons. Has opinion changed since I last came up for air? I am willing to reconsider my position given concrete arguments, but this is more about painting a picture for my CEO (or me ;-))."

+ - Escaping IT

Submitted by U8MyData
U8MyData (1281010) writes "What does someone do who is not in the "community" at large, lives in a rural community where the story has been "more with less" for the last decade do to replace a livelyhod? Not surely a popular subject with the techical types, but I'm done with this. Surely, there are things that are transferable to other careers, but the income is not. What to do? Any advise or experiences out there? Thx..."

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