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Comment Underwhelming Apple TV Rumors (Score 1) 244

The rumors of the new Apple TV don't even sound compelling. As of the latest rumors I've seen there is no HDMI 2.0 or "4K" support. So if they don't upgrade again for 2-3 years then thats a long time ignoring 4k content which they could charge a premium for streaming 4k content now as its still not mass market.

They seem to be pushing IoT and making the Apple TV the smart hub for the house. That 'could' be interesting, but it also could be a completely unused feature for 99% of customers and go no where.

Comment TV is better now (Score 1) 400

People seem to forget the other angle. In fighting for our entertainment time, TV has gotten much much better in the last 10 years. Instead of just dumb sitcoms there are now amazing shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and many many others that are as good or better than anything hollywood has been doing with movies. So now we have a choice of watching amazing TV shows for free/marginal cost or the huge cost of going to a theater with all the detractors that have been listed time and time again on here. How many get a Netflix subscription for watching movies? I almost exclusively use it for TV shows (House of Cards is another amazing example).

Comment Maybe yes, maybe no? (Score 1) 716

If you are salaried then no, you shouldn't have to stay late or work weekends to fix bugs. If they aren't satisfied with your work production in your 40 hour work week then they should let you go and try to find someone better.

If you get paid hourly then perhaps. If it is irrefutable that its your fault/bug then you should feel obligated to fix for no extra charge/hours to them. If there is any doubt on the source of the bug (multiple developers) then you should be paid to fix it.

If you are a contractor then almost certainly it should be fixed for free. You are paid to do a job and if it wasn't done right the first time then you need to make it right or expect not to get many more contracts if you leave behind in your wake bugs that either go unfixed, or you charge additional to fix.

Comment New WoW (Score 1) 523

They really need to 'reboot' the game rather than come out with patches every couple of years. They need to just retire the current WoW and start from scratch. There is a barrier of entry for new players now with such a large installed base of 'senior' players but the senior players are aging. They need something for the next generation and the graphics of WoW just can't compare to most of what is out there today. They need to start from scratch with a new engine, storyline, classes, races, etc... Then build back up from there. The writing is on the wall for them now. The new generation is also probably not willing to fork out 15/mo for a game and are getting use to free-to-play style with in game purchases. With that frame of mind you either need to join that wave, or provide something significantly better to get them to pay. The current WoW can't attract that new gen of gamer.

Comment DRM? (Score 1) 256

I can't say I've ever been affected by DRM because I just don't buy software or games anymore. Why complain about all these things having DRM, just don't buy it. Simple enough solution. If you aren't buying crap with DRM why complain about it? They'll figure out DRM is a problem real quick if no one is buying their shit.

Comment Hell on power supplies (Score 5, Interesting) 242

So if you have 4 USB SS ports on a motherboard that motherboard is going to have to be able to supply 400W @ 5V? You can't be serious. We'll need dedicated power connections on the motherboard just to supply this.

The example of using a TV to power multiple devices raises the same concerns. Now the TV power supply will be much more complicated. Rather than power just the 60-70W the TV draws it needs to have a power supply that could supply 100's of extra watts?

The only application I see for this is to use 100W USB SS ports on walls for a common household DC standard interface. That could be interesting, but integrating it into devices is not simple. It adds levels of complexities to the devices that will need to supply the power.

Comment Re:Scr*w Godaddy (Score 2) 279

I had all my domains in Godaddy but I was fed up with trying to find the hidden option to manage my domains in pages and pages of advertisements.

It seemed to me that, if I paid for a service, I don't want to be bombarded by ads every time I need to use this service.

I moved to Namecheap and never looked back.

Completely agree. The webpage is a absolute mess at GoDaddy. You would think that a company that is 'selling' the internet and setting up webpages would set a good example. I moved all my domains to Namecheap yesterday as well. Figured if I waited till today they may be too swamped ;) Hopefully Godaddy takes it in the purse for supporting this attack on our freedom.

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