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+ - What does it take to build a foundry?

Submitted by Tsolias
Tsolias (2813011) writes "People working on I.T. have always been inventing new ways of offering cheap alternatives to expensive products, without compromising, sometimes, the quality of the end service/product; while sometimes the alternative was even better. A great example is the trend of 3D printing that has lead to very cheap solution, OSS designs, while several other examples are the RPI and Arduino/Arduino-like products that made technology available to everyone. I really wonder what is keeping chip manufacturing still a big deal to do it on your own. Is it possible to make an inexpensive fab that produces chips like USB controllers or simple CPUs like Atmels in your garage, even at technologies used 30 years ago?"

Comment: iPhone made the sales go UP! (Score 1) 296

by Tsolias (#48219251) Attached to: How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor
You can see obviously that the trends that smartphones created, especially iPhone, are stirring the evolution of the PC (and yes mac IS included as a Personal Computer). If Apple manages to keep up with the iPhone sales, they can offer a great sandbox solution to the market, e.g. get those files on all your devices by default, no configuration, everything works out of the box, get discount on those purchases from our company e.t.c. they can force their customers to buy iMacs, Macbooks and so forth. I believe it is not the transition from PPC to x86 that boosted the iMac and macbook sales, although intel had a greater chip in the mobile market, but the fact that the Apple trend rose the same period when they released the iPhone. As a developer, products like the ones from Apple do not cover my needs, I like to tweak around my devices, add features(mPCI-e cards, extra drivers or batteries, or 2nd VGA , I know it sounds crazy but the Ideapad series offer that) and I use exclusively Debian, so there is no reason to get a system that it's h/w locked and it's software is designed for FB and twitter users.

+ - Unix Admins on Debian's systemd adoption: "The Fork is strong with this one"

Submitted by Tsolias
Tsolias (2813011) writes "It appears that systemd is still a hot topic in the Debian community. As seen earlier today, there is a new movement shaping up against the adoption of systemd for the upcoming stable release, Jessie. They claim that "systemd betrays the UNIX philosophy", it makes things more complex, thus breaking the "do one thing and do it well" principle."

Comment: Re:Mod parent up. (Score 0) 99

by Tsolias (#47304089) Attached to: Opera Releases a New Version For Linux
Do not get me wrong on this, but you say that you are using apple's products. This by itself is a *thumbsup* to those companies who like to index their users messages, spy on them and jail them into a sandbox forever, because they make a shitload of money. Google would care less if you stopped using its browser, since you are using google, google+, youtube, gmail, have several android phones over the last years and so on. I am not trying to persuade you or someone else to stop using those services, this is something that one must realize without any someone else forcing him/her. What I want to point out is that if you are waiting, in this example, a new iteration of browsers that do not abuse you and your privacy, how do you expect this to happen, when you are supporting the big companies, which buy anything or anyone else that innovates in the market.

Comment: Impressive.... (Score 1) 83

by Tsolias (#46846365) Attached to: Man Builds DIY Cellphone Using Raspberry Pi
NOT. I've seen a friend doing the same thing for his thesis(he was an undergraduate) back in 2006 were everything was more expensive(boards,controllers, various modules) and more primitive. Back then there were no IDEs for boards like arduino, you had very few libraries to work with and everything was done mostly by hand, I remember him building some of the circuits too(custom pcb with components like the gsm module), as some module were to expensive or had a strange shape and couldn't feet with the rest of the components.

Comment: Re:Original iPads Work Well ... (Score 1) 386

by Tsolias (#46832427) Attached to: iPad Fever Is Officially Cooling

(size, speed, limited to iOS 5, etc.)

Are there minimum requirements to connect to facebook/twitter or read e-mails? did those sites drop support for older OSes. Does facebook still load on my windows XP machine with an old Athlon? how do I get that etc? Does apple sell it? Most people need a bigger screen and a faster tablet, you can't wait the f*ing game to load when your average dumping time is round to 10 mins. You either have to get a faster machine or stay in the toilet a lot longer. but anyways, you can always get those z196 IBM enterprise servers, they are bigger, faster and they are shipped unlocked, you can even install linux.

+ - PC-BSD Is Developing Its Own Qt Desktop Environment->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "PC-BSD is developing its own desktop environment for the FreeBSD-based distribution. The new desktop is Lumina and it aims to compete with GNOME/KDE, potentially become the default desktop of PC-BSD, and is written using Qt. Right now the code is in an early alpha stage and there's still Lumina applications to be developed that will complement the desktop shell. The code is hosted on GitHub for those interested in an original BSD desktop environment."
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Comment: Re:Le Sigh.... (Score 1) 272

by Tsolias (#46773409) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago In 1986, .... this seems like a calculator to you? "The machine had vastly more application functionality, including a number of built-in application programs, an easy to use database, a diary and an alarm clock and featured end-user programmability in the form of the successful Organiser Programming Language (OPL), a BASIC-like language which was compiled to intermediate code, in contrast to the interpreters which were commonly available for other consumer computers of the time. More advanced users could reach into the system machine code routines either via direct machine code, or via calls from OPL, and could manipulate the built-in address database as well as create their own." also the apple thing came out in 1993, while Organiser 2 came out in 1986, that apple things was not even being *developed* until the next year.

Comment: Re:Binary drivers (Score 2) 47

by Tsolias (#46691719) Attached to: Qualcomm Announces Next-Gen Snapdragon 808 and 810 SoCs
Well, since you cannot pick the gpu and since qualcomm couples those CPU with their Adreno (scrambled letters from "Radeon") GPUs I think it is a valid question, because it is possible that a dev-boards might use those cpus/gpus or it will be helpfull for the guys at AOSP to have an oss stack.

Comment: Re:I don't think so (Score 2) 153

by Tsolias (#46098533) Attached to: Samsung's First Tizen Smartphone Gets Leaked
Being one of the top of anything can help you become the top of something else. Do you know what you need to make good sw? good programmers. Do you know what you need to get them? money. Does Samsung have money? Yes. So, can Samsung be a company with good software, if its CEO wants it? Yes. Does the hw business help you make good sw? Yes. Do you know how? OFC, you have your own platform that sells like shit and then you can make the sw and optimize it for you own platform. Do you know any other company that does that? Yes. Apple. Apple makes good hw or sw? None of them, but both of the combined give a great result because they design both and know how to hide each ones flaws. In the end, Samsung became what it is today and it started as a fruit/vegetable vendor IIRC.

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