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Comment Re:In other news... (Score 2) 64

They don't even care about IBM.
They could've bought IBM in one night.
Foxconn alone is 3 times the IBM in simple numbers and makes everything.
Huawei another company that makes the rest of what Foxconn does not make.
IBM is already sold many parts to the chinese, Lenovo being one of them, and the rest are sold here and there.
It's just the rule. They are so important, as a market, that they can even make IBM to obey every rule they want.

Comment Re:China's Source Code (Score 3, Funny) 64

If there is a rule that a chinese company has to have its code reviewed by the U.S. Ministry of Something and that company wants to enter the market of the U.S. (not America, America is a continent) then that chinese company will have to obey the rules.
That's what IBM is doing, they are entering a new sandbox, with different laws and different corruption that the U.S..

Bottom line is, noone forces IBM to comply with chinese laws and enter that market and vice versa. They are willing to do it.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 119

The benchmarks in the linux section show both cpus on par, except the scientific section where I can speculate that the non-existent avx2 instruction make that much difference when comparing with a 3 yo chip (but prolly it's using avx512 which _expands_ the classic AVX ISA doubling the width of the instruction from 256 to 512).
I don't see any gpu comparisons, therefore I cannot agree to your second assumptions\.
Thus, I am going to stand on my first post.

Comment Re:Nano vs. Fury X (Score 1) 60

You do realize though that it is a very convenient solution for those who do not want a Desktop along with their laptop and do not want to waste several thousands on an expensive laptop with a mid-range desktop GPU that overheats the laptop. The only drawback with eGPUs is that laptops do not come with x2,x4,x8 or x16 pcie slots. Everything is done via the wifi's x1 PCIe. (the ultrabay on my y410p is a proprietary x8 connector)

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