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Comment Re:Die flash, die! (Score 1) 76

Still a long way to go before we can be rid of the horrid thing, but this is one step closer.

I haven't used it in ages. When I come to a site like the BBC that says something like "Your technology is out of date." If I feel charitable I write them and tell them to get their shit together. Regardless of whether I write them or not, I close the site.

Comment Re:Why the focus on some archaic communication too (Score 1) 208

Am I 'one of those people'?
Our experiences differ. I prefer email. Text messages are for hooking up down town.
Are you 'one of those people' who think that anyone who doesn't do things the way you do them is 'one of those people'?
With a smart phone you can communicate how you like no matter which one of 'those people' you happen to be.

Comment Re:The Bible (Score 3, Insightful) 796

created by militant atheists

You mean the atheists runing around killing abortion doctors on the command of no god whatsoever, or the atheists blowing themselves up in the name of no higher order?

Or do you mean that the bad things that were not done in the name of a god are the fault of all people that don't believe in gods?

There is no such thing as atheist dogma, so there is nothing for militant atheists to be militant about. There are non-religious dogmas, such as Stalinism. Please explain how all atheists are responsible for, or support these. You know, like how all Catholics support bigotry because they subscribe to Catholocism.

Comment Re:All of it (Score 1) 187

Why should I store any of my media (or other data, for that matter) anyplace else?

There's no good reason to do that. Storage is dirt cheap. If you don't own a real computer you might find it useful. If you aren't storing it on your own system though, you should reconsider calling it 'your' media, because you don't actually possess it.

Comment Re:Firechrome (Score 1) 381

They wanted to charge me a fee to close my account.

I had a girl say that to me once when I asked to close an account. Wanted 8 bucks as a service charge. I said, "OK, never mind that, just give me all the money." She laughed and complied.

Comment Sony issues (Score 1) 309

I have an issue with all Sony products that I call 'Kiss My Ass syndrome" It seems to apply to all products manufactured by Sony, manifesting itself by my reaction to the concept of investing money in that company, a company that has repeatedly displayed a disdain for it's customers. Nope, done with Sony.

Comment Re:..and mouse scroll. (Score 1) 326

I'm still not confident in Linux's ability to remain stable/repair itself easily without having to frequently re-install.

I don't understand that either. My 76 yo mother uses Linux with no problems, because she isn't net savvy she was always screwing her windows install.

Personally I work with and use windows personally and have for 20 years. Basically the whole run. I'm sure I've had to perform re-installs, but the only times I specifically remember doing that is setup runthroughs on new installations.

Basically both ends of the spectrum heard from.

Comment Life is risky... (Score 1) 478

We hate to see our children get injured, so we wrap them in wool, then bubble wrap, with a layer of nerf for good measure. We put them in schools that won't crush their fragile egos, declaring everyone's a winner. These pampered, protected children grow up into risk averse adults. Without getting them killed, there's a lot to be said for teaching kids and adults to take chances, push beyond their limits and discover both the cost and value of living a larger life.

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